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“Sign of the Times” — A Short Story by Psychic

“What is that?” Lola screamed as she quickly came down from her car in the Lagos traffic that was about to begin because someone hit her car. She walked down to her bumper and saw the scratch she screamed again, “You scratched my car! You’re going to pay, come down from there you stupid driver!” A fat, dark… Read More »

“Ferrari” — A Short Story by Psychic

“Hi babe, I have a surprise for you, close your eyes,” Wilson said as he took me by the hand and smiled sweetly. He closed my eyes with one hand and used the other one he held to guide me so I won’t fall. “Ta da, you can open them now,” he said as I opened my eyes… Read More »

Coming Out

In America, once your parents realize you’re a juvenile delinquent, they will ship you to the next military school available; most likely the farthest available. But in Nigeria they leave you to learn your lesson, obviously after tons of corrections, beatings and deliverance. My situation was much like this, I was what the society tagged a bad child.… Read More »

Stuck with You

So many years passed, I couldn’t find any one, Then one random Saturday, I decided to club. I spent time here, Moving from time to time, From beach to quagmire, Never knew I’d find her in a club. Uptight, gay me, Just wanted to see the world, Before I passed on to it I’ve lived lonely since I… Read More »


There she was sitting in her sitting room holding the DSTV remote and swiping through all the entertainment she could find whispering to herself, “seen, seen, seen” because the shows were all old shows, there was nothing new to watch on weekends, especially when you’ve managed to watch the entire program during the week. She felt lonely and… Read More »

How Sick?

How sick? The sickest, Why? Cause I’m SS, And the pains? Are excess. Since when? From birth, And it leads to? Early death, Survives on pills? Yes, that’s not a myth. A little fever, A bunch of crisis, But I don’t have the liver, To end it forever. At least the crisis Is better than ISIS. In the… Read More »

A Cold Windy Night

I A cold windy night I feel a wet sticky substance At the right side of my body I try opening my eyes but everything is blurry I decide to close them for a minute Then I opened my eyes, I feel the cold wind run through my bare body. I am only covered with rag on my… Read More »


This is where I stood right here beside the window it was a dark night and the moon sat majestically at eye sight the wind blew silently mocking my bare skin He stood behind me I could feel his lustful breathing then he whispered “This is why you love the darkness?” I heard him unzip he brought out… Read More »

My Mirror

Look into my mirror, What do you see? Little tingling lights To illuminate my heart Look into my soul What do you see The darkest yet An unknown being. Look into the waters What do you see? A reflection Of my past Look into the fire What do you see? My future? Definitely not That part is untold… Read More »