• Editor's ChoicePhoto of Nefarious Coos

    Nefarious Coos

    Lurking around, as evil, eating men like a weevil ogling at nations, with a nefarious ostentation Aye! Came out of nowhere, attacking everywhere, everything, anything and, even the least expected…

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  • Love PoemsPhoto of Heart Twinge

    Heart Twinge

    One very boring night I tuned out, to sleep; I was very apt, still, I was perusing people’s post on a social media, drowsily though. Would I say I’ve not…

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  • MusingsPhoto of Yearning Heart

    Yearning Heart

    The premises of the church, or the church itself, should I say, was not appealing to her, she honestly declared to me. I find it boring and, drifts to sleep…

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  • MusingsPhoto of Tales of a Hungry Man

    Tales of a Hungry Man

    My stomach kept rumbling, the intermittent bang in my head didn’t halt too Aye! my epiglottis kept flapping as I sat by my piano singing on an empty stomach. “It…

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  • Editor's ChoicePhoto of Bad, But Sheerly Good

    Bad, But Sheerly Good

    I have been called several names, most disheartening of all— human killer, but, I have mammoth goodness, yes I can be used to illuminate the dark parts in quite a…

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