Micro Poetry

  • Micro PoetryPhoto of 23:00


    The way I feel doesn’t matter when it involves reality. It is not an issue of hereafter or fantasies of materiality. I sought the ties of ease and luxury never…

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  • Editor's ChoicePhoto of Procrastination


    We have been told in teary times Life is but a barren dream! And the soul is buried in awe For things bare not what they are Should we sow…

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  • Micro PoetryPhoto of A Desert

    A Desert

    a true wasteland he is offering nothing but embrowning with embraces so raspy wanting only to lure with illusions so endearing making resistance inconceivable a master at deception he is…

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  • Editor's ChoicePhoto of Lost To Self

    Lost To Self

    I am a shell of what I once was. I am an image crafted in the likeness of emptiness. I am a picture of penury. I am an eye bulging…

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  • Micro PoetryPhoto of The Wild

    The Wild

    vehement as a hellcat yet gentle as a zephyr she is two sides of one coin bearing death and life and existing on both paradigms she embraces, she destroys but…

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  • Editor's ChoicePhoto of Love, A Trap

    Love, A Trap

    Love is a trap Of care and craggly rocks Hidden beneath bows too weak To hold our empathic derision Love is a casket lined with fur and nails And bits…

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  • Micro PoetryPhoto of Steel Black

    Steel Black

    We withhold nature When your eyes are shut, What do you envision? Darkness—our beautiful colour We are black! The color of Africa The bearer of nature We carry the cross…

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  • Micro PoetryPhoto of The Ocean

    The Ocean

    The waves ebbing and flowing are a lullaby tranquility in nothing more than glorified splashing and serenity in horizons kissed by an entity lightyears away aqua in tone but bearing…

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  • Micro PoetryPhoto of Is This Hate?

    Is This Hate?

    Having known someone like you for so long, Having known your likes and dislikes, Having known the best and worst of you, Though much bad than good: This question ceases…

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  • Micro PoetryPhoto of The New Dawn

    The New Dawn

    The rooster crows, The bird sings happily, The wind waves mildly, As the day brightened. All hail the power that wins the night, An accolades to the strength that defeated…

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  • Editor's ChoicePhoto of The Weird Ones

    The Weird Ones

    You can barely see them For wherever the crowd is They are not These odd ones They see the world in such ways Abominable and unthinkable ways That’s why they’re…

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  • Editor's ChoicePhoto of Phase


    We’ve been, against our will, brought apart by distance. But then, what is distance for two hearts wrapped in love? It’s merely an illusion, something that appears different from the…

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  • Editor's ChoicePhoto of Pain And Misery

    Pain And Misery

    When I shut my eyes, I see an unreal, unliveableworld, Devoid of sense and humanism Breathing misfortune and dancing amidst darkness. When I breath, I perceive the sickly smell of…

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  • Love PoemsPhoto of A Letter To My First Love

    A Letter To My First Love

    From the pain of myself and the happiness of my spirit, I declare it over! Don’t beep me or call me anymore. Forget about me. Let’s end this. If you…

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  • Editor's ChoicePhoto of Agony


    The world truly does move in circles for how else would I end up back at the genesis of desolation and even after frantically searching for hues of passion I’m…

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  • Micro PoetryPhoto of I’m Fine

    I’m Fine

    Time flies, It’s wings spread widely Like that of a mature eagle. We’re being disconnected by the second of the day. You don’t see me the same anymore. Somewhere along…

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  • Micro PoetryPhoto of Wheeze


    Wheeze wheeze wheeze When will this disease Ever leave me be Wheeze wheeze wheeze People come in a breeze To wish me safe recovery Wheeze wheeze wheeze Don’t be one…

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  • Editor's ChoicePhoto of These Pages

    These Pages

    A new dimension of reality I face in these pages Here, I sit and dine with the sages My mind is kidnapped without a ransom Costumed in all character, pretty…

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  • Micro PoetryPhoto of Distinguish Races

    Distinguish Races

    Like dirt on the field, I sprout up something effective for your well-being. Equal symphony orchestra, mine is a cry for help, sorrow travels with each tug of the string.…

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  • Micro PoetryPhoto of Shroud


    Like secrets intentionally hidden The origin of everything around us is Shrouded in mystery Mother Nature gives only hints But never tells a full bedtime story She comes in seasons…

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