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Christmas In Biafra

The night was without life. It was dead cold, the trees and shrubs stood still. Our feet and skin were cracked and ashy. We...

Periwinkles of Cadaver

A new dawn crept rather unusually in Udumala tribe of Western Africa. A gust of cold wind blustered upon wooden doors. They creaked and...


The remote village of Ezeke was renowned for its sacred laws and ethics. Every atrocity was punishable by ostracization, except infidelity. That particular evening was...

A History Class

I beamed smiles as I entered the class. The students were already seated, waiting eagerly for what I was about to reveal to them....

Holy Water

Northern Tanzania, 1909. "Maji! Maji!! Kill the Germans!" These were the chants of a large group of warriors of the Nehenge tribe of Northern Tanzania as...

The False Alarm

DISCLAIMER This story is based on true historical facts, but some names and events have been edited to suit the writer's interest. For more clarification,...

The Ikperamah Festival

The evening was filled with the aroma coming out from different soup pots from different compounds. The pestle beating the helpless yam against the...

The Kingship

In Ogon Kingdom reigned King Edion VI. He usurped the throne after the death of his father, King Edion V. The late King gave...

The Freedom Oath

"Captain Winston. You can't do that. Toss them overboard? I cannot wrap my head around this cruelty. I understand the loads on the ship...

The Language of Pain

Grandpa in his bickering lips and shaky staggering legs summoned our attention. "I will pass the story of our people unto you before I die,"...

Rains in Okobi

Okobi, 2003 "What brings you here?" Dibia Njo asked sternly. His puffy eyes shone fixedly at me as I fidgeted there at the entrance. Priests...

Igbo Landing: Blood and Water (Part 4: The Great Purge)

How the chance came to take our freedom back seemed like the works of our Chi. The sea winds blew and the delight was great as we hacked our captors to death. Some jumped into the blue unending sea in a bid to save their lives.

Igbo Landing: Blood and Water (Part 3)

We were dragged to the village square where more horror awaited us. I could see our homes up in flames, children were crying, corpses lay on the floor. I could recognize some of them—they were boys of my age grade and some men I’ve known all my life.

Igbo Landing: Blood and Water (Part 2)

Oba, my father, lived deep within the interior of what was known as Nri Community of the Omambala Kingdom. A land where it was said the sun rose from the south and stood at the centre of the Village Market Square.

Igbo Landing: Blood and Water (Part 1)

“By the trails of Dunbar We all walked, including father ...chains rattling… ...death looming… White, we walked hungry and sore Herons, pure and slender calling to one another—our slaughter.

Day of Eternity

A very long time ago, long before the fall of the Roman Empire; long before the rise of the Byzantines and the Turks; long before Columbus
Twisted Fate—ZenPens

Twisted Fate



Pains of Hadiza

Pains of Hadiza



The Wedding Guest—ZenPens

The Wedding Guest

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