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I’ll Rise

March 22, 2020 Gachi 0

You may strike me at my lowest With your racking coughs and cursed fever You may trample on my economies and shut down my businesses But still, like dust, I’ll [Read more… ]



October 20, 2019 Gachi 0

“Mummy” Crying softly my little voice echoed round the living room as I ran after her “Mummy I want to follow you” The voice comes quietly, it’s the voice I [Read more… ]



October 19, 2019 Gachi 0

Dear Mum, I am so sorry for the mess I made on the kitchen floor But I promise it would be the last one that I will ever make I [Read more… ]

Night Crawlers

September 27, 2019 Gachi 0

Night crawlers Fleeing from the dark crevices of sleep Where the past finally catches up with them And they can’t outrun the future… Night crawlers So scared of the dark [Read more… ]

I Love Feral Girls

July 17, 2019 Gachi 0

I love feral girls Blond hair and high heels And that musky earthy haze that’s always there And the hint of the great wild serving as her cologne… I love [Read more… ]

Gods of Injustice

July 12, 2019 Gachi 0

In your high hills you dwell Strutting like overstuffed peacocks Watching as we mortals toil in vain Amusing yourselves with our frivolities… A man asks for children To fill his [Read more… ]


June 13, 2019 Gachi 0

Darkness The ink that drips on our life’s diary and tell our life stories The fuel that drives our passion and propels us to dizzying heights The fear that stays [Read more… ]