April 21, 2020 Counsel Tsaldari 0

It was 9pm on a Sunday night. The city of Owerri looked adequately dressed up for Christmas. Every part of the city was beautifully lit up, with the twitching lights [Read more… ]

Her Husband

April 20, 2020 Counsel Tsaldari 0

She tore through the bushes, panting as she frantically rounded the spot where he stood moments ago. “Where is the man?” Nze Obinwa asked, perplexed. “He was standing here,” Janet [Read more… ]

Night by Counsel Tsaldari on ZenPens


March 22, 2020 Counsel Tsaldari 0

Night… A son of time, Infernal companion to Luci; With no ‘fer’—less we stir this sea, For which its drops, too small to pass for tea. Night, Where it goes, [Read more… ]

Friends by Counsel Tsaldari on ZenPens


March 5, 2020 Counsel Tsaldari 0

Friends are not just people, they are portraits Framing our lives for exploits In that dark lone night, they light just one light And our world wrapped in a red [Read more… ]

Death at a Funeral by Counsel Tsaldari on ZenPens

Death at a Funeral

February 18, 2020 Counsel Tsaldari 0

There was a screeching sound that shook the rooftops of Chinyere’s house. A moment of suspension—no, anticipation followed. The atmosphere was stiffened like a bowel of oil in harmattan. It [Read more… ]

Love by Counsel Tsaldari


February 8, 2020 Counsel Tsaldari 0

Love like a crimson field of littered corpses of rivals Angels avenging affection with jealously observant eyes As like Capulet and Montague Men growing careless of their charge Cry and [Read more… ]