Tough Love

July 4, 2020 CosmicJR 0

They believe you have a problem That only the whip can solve. They hit you till you’re solemn, They say it’s out of love. Your tears rain down in torrents [Read more… ]


April 25, 2020 CosmicJR 0

There are days I can imagine my water tastes like beer There are moments when I can lock in and suppress my fears There are times when I’m reckless and [Read more… ]

Souls of the Spirits

April 9, 2020 CosmicJR 0

Someday I hope I’ll come home to spiritS Pacing my yard or taking a naP Inspiring one another with pretty graffitI Roguely and lazily painted on the bedroom flooR Inciting [Read more… ]

Nightmarish Tales

April 8, 2020 CosmicJR 0

I still hear her desperate cries The echoes come to my dreams every night I still see her frightened eyes Their intensity remind me of sorrow’s might I still think [Read more… ]

My Friend

April 7, 2020 CosmicJR 0

In my trouble and billow, I call out to you, my hero On the nights I cry into my pillow, I know you will support me like a willow. On [Read more… ]

Don’t Cry

April 6, 2020 CosmicJR 0

What does it mean to hold back tears? It means to suck it in no matter the pain It means to compose yourself, pretend to be plain It means to [Read more… ]

Cremate Me

April 3, 2020 CosmicJR 0

Cremate me when I die Remember me but say goodbye Enough! You shouldn’t cry Maybe a few drops but don’t let it dry Altruism and humour, don’t let it drive [Read more… ]

Don’t Forget Me

April 2, 2020 CosmicJR 2

Do you remember? The time that you walked ahead of me and danced in the alley A lone star smiling down at us, our silent ally Strangers watched, not comprehending [Read more… ]

Incomplete Life

April 1, 2020 CosmicJR 0

I I’ve built walls higher than China’s great wall But this emptiness I feel now, for it there are no words I’ve always felt like running away and hiding somewhere [Read more… ]


March 29, 2020 CosmicJR 0

Starless night, dreamless night The rain goes tap tap on my window sill. Chilly night, stormy night The gentle breeze comes with perfect still. A night that’s full of uncertainties, [Read more… ]


March 28, 2020 CosmicJR 0

There’s always a momentary feeling A feeling that confronts you and challenges you. There’s a feeling when the dewy wind blows against your face in a bus A feeling when [Read more… ]


March 27, 2020 CosmicJR 0

Beautiful oblivion A wave of unconciousness that defeats all others Sometimes frustratingly overwhelming Disrespectful in nature, it cuts all borders A servant in the day but at night, it oppresses [Read more… ]