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VIP Section

I thought I knew enough about VIP sections, until I got into college. I had changed school to another which was in the same...

Freaky Christmas

Ademidunsola's POV A continuous irritating beeping sound interrupted my sweet sleep. The silly alarm. I groaned in frustration as I rolled on my side to press...

Prophet of Love

"Huh? You mean Ife is inside? Help me call her, please," I said in excitement. She walked outside, and took a seat. "Ife, I've been...

Kogi Election: My Tale

"Ekene, how are you doing? I hope you won't be taking part in the coming state governorship election?" thundered my sister from the other...

The Rejected Fufu

Nobody wanted to eat fufu. The fufu has been in the fridge for the past two weeks, we were all forming fresh guys, eating...

Tori Wey Dey Burst Brain

Sidown make I yarn you something, This something no be small thing. Why? Because e dey burst brain Come pepper join like cocaine. Jejely I dey, sissy waka...

My Childhood

When I was much younger, mum would take my siblings and I out to attend birthday parties which were mostly parlor parties with a...

Tales from My Alma Mater (Part 2)

Continued from the last part... I’d been to Awka on different occasions, all of them while representing St. Charles College, my secondary school, in various...

The Accidental Beggar

I've always been the centre of attention all my life. It was nothing new; right from primary school, to secondary school and even to...


Theologians depict that the fear of the Almighty is the start of endowment in wisdom, but here in my little African home, it's the...


He accompanied to the toilet which was outside our one-room apartment. My eyes were scarcely swollen from sleep which had long consumed everyone. It...

Memories from of Old

I saw her again few days ago, a long lost friend and all the childhood memories came back. I saw her as she was crossing the road outside the University gate. I screamed her name and she looked, ran back and hugged me while shouting. People stared but we didn't care. We talked and laughed at all the

Rare Privilege

As a child, there were some things I saw as rare privileges reserved only for the ‘rich’. Having access to eggs was one of them. Yes, eggs, those oval shaped foods. Did I just say food? Yes, food. The ones hens and other birds lay (hen's eggs are the most common in Onitsha where we resided).

Here Comes the Rain

The rainy season has always being my best season of the year. I loved it because of the rain. As a child, I loved the feeling of running about in the rain naked, playing with friends, pouring away dirt inside the gutters (even after incessant warnings by the Waste Management people), and parading about

The Worm Who Got Dewormed

Rana was her name, she was a round plump thing, cute in a wierd kinda worm way. Rana grew up in a place everyone called the stomach, it was the only home she knew and she had the best childhood memories here. It was home. It was paradise.

The Man Who Died In Our House Yesternight!

I hear a lot of stories about ghosts people a lot in the area where I live in, sometimes when I surf on internet I would stumble on some rare videos of ghost sightings but I never believed them, ghosts to me don't exist,

25th Tale

Public transport in Lagos is a comedy show on its own. It should be included in the list of 1000 ways to cure high blood pressure, because there’s an endless




Pleasure & Pain—ZenPens

Pleasure & Pain

Twisted Fate—ZenPens

Twisted Fate

Pains of Hadiza

Pains of Hadiza

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