April 27, 2020 Bryan Ezeonwuka 0

What do you reckon it is? That burning fire that refuses to be put out? The cat let loose, that prefers to hunt than pout? We all coexist, for survival [Read more… ]

Cat Eyes

April 23, 2020 Bryan Ezeonwuka 0

An endless mystery lies within Is it the many lives you’ve lived, concentrated therein? I see darkness, I see death, I also see a likeness about you, your intriguing depth. [Read more… ]

Peace by Bryan Ezeonwuka on ZenPens


March 26, 2020 Bryan Ezeonwuka 0

Tranquility of the mind that transcends stress Antiquity of time that quietly descends Through worth and high esteem it crossed Till North and South stayed sewed, Planning its cross We [Read more… ]

War by Bryan Ezeonwuka on ZenPens


March 24, 2020 Bryan Ezeonwuka 0

When we were young, we thought it cool Till we saw people lie in pools Of blood, still things would not improve Men killing other men and blaming it On [Read more… ]


March 23, 2020 Bryan Ezeonwuka 0

When we were younger it was much more fun We would play, eat and then sleep a ton, some wished for superpowers, Some to go to outer space Some wished [Read more… ]