• MusingsPhoto of 12


    An aroma of joy, made my stream flow From the heart of silver Springs like the lake of wisdom. Sounded like strings of violin played by a Chinese. I feel…

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  • MusingsPhoto of Whot


    Head and tail journey Like the wind, up like a black orphanage children A brown card was given to them As an access point to check in The holes of…

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  • PoetryPhoto of Woe to Slavery

    Woe to Slavery

    When the days were still young Time rang itself for Africans To welcome white visitors From the coast of white lands. visitors with a vision of slavery They said we…

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  • MusingsPhoto of Prayer


    Prayer is mandatory It’s compulsory, prayer made me pray. Prayer treats my incompetence to be competence Prayer never backs me off Even though I back off Prayer sets me even…

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  • MusingsPhoto of The Heart of Worship

    The Heart of Worship

    A consecrated heart never dies with wine Wines are for mockers And mockers for wine. A dizzy life melts the floor, The swift decoded source of worship In the morning…

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  • MusingsPhoto of The Innocent Cry

    The Innocent Cry

    Walking alone in a confused world I wondered why the world Is being carved with lies. An innocent heart is a blank mail Filled with purity An exchanged with tragedy.…

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  • MusingsPhoto of Journey to Abuja

    Journey to Abuja

    On a fateful morning I called on journey “Hello, Journey, I am hiring you to a meeting at Abuja the state capital. Hello, one again I want you to accompany…

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  • MusingsPhoto of Talent


    Treasure is the beauty of life, The seed of love rests on life, The gift of man is made in man. Man in his idea, flourishing like the strength Of…

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  • MusingsPhoto of Yesterday Like Today

    Yesterday Like Today

    A flowing day by our side Flourishing like rose, always flourishing Always like yesterday. A gloomy day that cover letters, ink is a circular motion for the day. The best…

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  • MusingsPhoto of Bad Ass

    Bad Ass

    Insult to an injury Gotten from the mind The beginning of wrong knowledge Due to wrong anticipation of tomorrow. Reality is a salute of foolishness Acting different in the world…

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  • MusingsPhoto of Love


    Clothed with an adored parcel Myrrh from the center of affair Like the shield of an eagle Googling the world in guile. Love saved in double Forgiving in double Even…

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  • MusingsPhoto of Lost For Sacrifice

    Lost For Sacrifice

    At the time when the present Is terrified with horrible time There is a boy that captured period And time in his thought. This huge imagination is so Realistic like…

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  • MusingsPhoto of No Beauty For Ebony Under The Sun

    No Beauty For Ebony Under The Sun

    The enmity between ebony and the sun Is an ivory hidden for ages Hidden from the seed of ebony for ages. An error seer for beauty because sun has dimmed…

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  • MusingsPhoto of Voiceless Asshole

    Voiceless Asshole

    Flawless is the future The present is a glimpse of the future Frequency without a radial An engine without efficiency Producing an echo without a trace In the realm of…

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  • Love PoemsPhoto of Black Skin Girl

    Black Skin Girl

    A treasure from the layer Of the soil called loamy To the world A distinct being from the depths of perfection A golden black beauty from the source of beauty…

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  • MusingsPhoto of The Only Thing

    The Only Thing

    The following follow the only one With a pin thought ringing as a hen The party of many things Coming together as one Bullying the weak as an empty foe…

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  • PoetryPhoto of Independence Day

    Independence Day

    This is the day of freedom When tears were amended When years of chain were broken This day was stitched together in unity, Amending the tears of a little child,…

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  • PoetryPhoto of Woman


    Whenever I look around I see the cloud The sustainer of stars The keeper planets A small infinite egg with millions of stars The body nature The string that compresses…

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  • PoetryPhoto of Dear Pokey

    Dear Pokey

    Dear, just like I know the details Of your course in details Without a negotiation of skills, Even though it’s purchased by the order of reduction. Dear Pokey, the sea…

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