June 21, 2020 Allyna Kemmy 0

I’m addicted to the rainbow. There’s something about its glittering colours right after a storm that reminds me there’s hope. That’s why I stare at it all the time. Sometimes [Read more… ]

Born from the Ashes

June 11, 2020 Allyna Kemmy 0

Mama says: “You’re only truly strong when you acknowledge how weak you truly are.” She believes there’s a secret behind every person; scars on their adorable skins. Humans hide behind [Read more… ]

D. A. R. K

May 10, 2020 Allyna Kemmy 0

“You aren’t trained to be a human… You’re just a machine… a killer. Emotions make you weak, so sever them. Unless they’re weapons don’t use them!” “Run, run Anicca.” “Too [Read more… ]

Scarred Nation

May 6, 2020 Allyna Kemmy 0

Pain rings from every corner Sorrow dwells within the hearts There’s despair Desolation has become a new way Questions ring Answers a nation desires Yet from whom we truly know [Read more… ]

Inked World

May 4, 2020 Allyna Kemmy 0

There’s something special That beats like an endless glow In the soft smooth touches Of the flipping pages Something glows within With every new book A new world is born [Read more… ]


April 27, 2020 Allyna Kemmy 0

There’s an edge in my heart I storm through the rooms The silence deafening And the beats of my heart so loud I know it’s the last And yet it [Read more… ]