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Home, I will protect like a seatbelt, The essence of my life Like the police dogs in my yard, The sulky creamy orange masters bed I will protect with my minds eye, The smoky black grey kitchen wall I long to see, To reminisce about the length of my life,
Nothing by Cynthia Linlin
I looked at the pills in my shivering hands. Everything I had worked for, everything I had achieved, now burnt down to the twelve pills that would decide my fate. I looked up and saw a woman in the mirror. A woman with perfect makeup, expensive weave-on that fell down loosely in waves, a shiny silver necklace, an emotionless face and cold, calculating eyes. I blinked, she also blinked.

I Hate Writing

Yes! You heard me right I HATE to write I hate spilling my thoughts Intertwined in lines and lies that rhyme I hate having to think and link my sinking heart to every word I ink
Leah gave a start as the shrill sound of her phone cut into the air, interrupting the book she was trying to read and breaking her concentration. It was her boyfriend, Tobi. She involuntarily let out a smile as her initial feeling of
O citizens! It's another year, We are demonstrating craziness A lost hope for our fallen heroes, And an ode to our strayed patriotism.
The wild beast of brutality, Lurking around d minds of revolutionists, Lectures hiding under d identity of students, Rain of stones clashes on beautiful glasses Making rhyming horrific song Spirit of violence and revolution...
“I'm pregnant,” she blurted. “What! It couldn't have happened,” he exclaimed. “It could. I can't believe I was this careless,” she said. The shock on his face was terrible; he cursed and hit his fist on the wall. “My wife should
Police Brutality by Zaynab Lawal
Police! You are granted the legal authority for law enforcement and maintaining public order All in the name of your uniform; You chose to brutalise the nation by taking innocent souls.
I sat on my old foam in the single room apartment where I stayed, listening to her tale of woes. It has been a quiet evening until she came. She sat opposite me on the only chair in my room with tears streaming down her cheeks. Her eyes were swollen and redder than blood, dark circles were round
She was amongst friends in choir rehearsals when he summoned her to his private corner. Her shoulders dropped in defeat. She knew what was coming, still she went and locked
Grandma once told me the story Of a fairy -like maiden envied By every young arábìnrín in the village … Àbèfé; The reason ìfé was made scarce in the village,
One Day A Boy
What would it feel like being a boy a day Sometimes I sit and wonder what it would feel like waking up as a boy, and looking so convincing that none would doubt me. I wonder how I would feel like waking up to see that my breasts has been replaced with a
I wish we could walk beside a steam and talk about ìfé; it's called a streamside walk I wish we could take a walk on a railway line and laugh together as it echoes away
Two birds were sitting on a tall tree While I sat beneath, And when I looked up— Behold! They replicate the beauty of the night and the morn, And so I wished I was a beautiful bird, A lovely apparition, just like I said, And when the breeze blew, I went away I, a sweet slumber … The twilights so fair, That was all I could remember, And when...
Love Without Hope
Dear genotype Do you know? He was there, at the alter with another woman in my place? Do you know how much I tried to fight it? My emotions, my tears?
The Sage
His mind was never touched by age Engraved in his heart were old books Every word from every page The lines on his wrinkled face explained time's concept His eyes, though dull, held mysteries in their depths
I was a boy, I was fifteen, I liked toys. Ceramic, delicate, breakable, pretty. I liked to play god with them. I would arrange them, in colors and sizes, at the edge of the table, shake the table and watch them cascade. The feeling was beautiful. I talked to them sometimes. I warned them. They should
Eiffel Tower by Abigail Chukwu
My favorite things were three—flowers, green leaves turned yellow by autumn, and travelling. Once, I saw a dead man in front of my school, somehow I found it interesting. I squatted on the floor playing with his chest and face till people saw us and began to shout. I didn't cry or shudder.
Dead Doctor—ZenPens

Dead Doctor

Twisted Fate—ZenPens

Twisted Fate





Pains of Hadiza

Pains of Hadiza

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