• Love PoemsPhoto of Memories I Loathe to Recall

    Memories I Loathe to Recall

    One could begin with her charming smiles. Smiles that had gunned me down softly. Smiles that had titillated me to my inner heart. Smiles that had quench my thirst in the middle of my Sahara…

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  • Love PoemsPhoto of Sad-We


    We An unplayed melody. An unsung lyrics. A blank draft. An empty gallery. A story that ends before it began. We. An item that never was. Might have been perfect, Might have been catastrophic. Sadly,…

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  • MusingsPhoto of Heart Referral

    Heart Referral

    Love is a stock market where exchange is done daily. Exchange of hearts and selves in acts of risks and threats. The one you love comes with a price to pay. A price so costly…

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  • Love PoemsPhoto of This is No Longer Love

    This is No Longer Love

    His eyes lit up like the moon, In a shade I couldn’t comprehend. Dentistry that glistened like the sun at noon, Cradled by a smile without end. His lips shimmer, His heart, an endless river.…

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  • MusingsPhoto of After Dusk

    After Dusk

    This is dusk; a time when darkness crawls down, in the guise of a sneaking plague, knocking light off but pardoning the moon. I see silhouettes, Some crooked, some limp; Some groaning under roofs that…

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  • PoetryPhoto of Entrapped into Suffering

    Entrapped into Suffering

    Into the wilderness of sufferings, Lured in with joyous voice of solitude. Sudden transmutation of disposition; Like clouds changing the cloth of weather. Finding no place, no love, no home. Paradise smelling like hell. Entrapped…

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  • PoetryPhoto of Eclipse of Tomorrow?

    Eclipse of Tomorrow?

    And so we Like butterflies Roam freely the empty street Some pictures of a robust farmland With no succulent yield And our lily labours Trampled by elephants, Pierced by porcupines— Hope we craved enough Cries,…

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  • MusingsPhoto of A Leg Without Hands

    A Leg Without Hands

    Under this storming downpour we gathered, Hopelessly without shields to cover our skulls. In impassivity of hatred we slathered, As we stand afar to each other in the repulse. Our lineament knows no grin, Like…

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  • African StoriesPhoto of Is It A Crime That I Bleed?

    Is It A Crime That I Bleed?

    Fear. Shame. Regret. Ten years under the earth’s scorching sun and I never knew blood could be unaccompanied by a wound. And wounds bring pain. Pain brings along fear. And fear brings shame. Why is…

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  • PoetryPhoto of Gweth


    Gweth! You beauty of mine be vanquished From you comes my ill luck Through you men sought and vanished My pride which I longed locked You intellect of mine be drained For you made me…

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  • PoetryPhoto of Hello Daddy

    Hello Daddy

    Hello Daddy, It’s me your baby You might remember me maybe Tempted to ask about mummy But the only woman you love is granny Heard from my angel nanny You plan to come for me…

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  • PoetryPhoto of Rape: Dead and Alive

    Rape: Dead and Alive

    I asked if it’s fate? I asked who should be blamed? Maybe because I’m a girl Or you, a heartless being? Does my soul actually deserved this pain? I have to live with countless thoughts…

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  • Love PoemsPhoto of If Only Sorry Meant Something

    If Only Sorry Meant Something

    If only it meant something Then my heart wouldn’t be bleeding today And my smile wouldn’t be so shadowed Then I would still be whole Not in this mend of broken pieces Then I would…

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  • Love PoemsPhoto of Impromptu


    And then that stupid realization struck… I loved him. I cared. Despite all the “I know what I’m doing”, “Too sensible” and “Mature enough to handle this” How could I have been this stupid? How…

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  • MusingsPhoto of Transformation


    People told me I changed That I’m not the same boy they named That my innocence can’t be traced Cos it’s long gone down the lane They couldn’t attach more meaning to my life Cos…

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  • MusingsPhoto of Mystery Misery

    Mystery Misery

    I live in a land of mystery. Oh, sorry, misery. Misery with mysterious mystics; Of abound interesting sufferings; And a deep hole of in-depth pain. Mystically bangs on the door of our land without a…

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  • Love PoemsPhoto of Nights of a Lonely Heart

    Nights of a Lonely Heart

    Nights without you Are tears of us two Your essence fills my soul Your fragrance clogs my nose Ayee, my sherry I only miss you. Your touch, Your look, Your kiss, Got me hooked Now…

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  • MusingsPhoto of Her Heart at Night

    Her Heart at Night

    Bringing art to her present Her prestige heart hears present And her lips sings present Which calm sea to summit Blossom to the festival Of her heart. She rested on rose To foresee the beauty…

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  • African StoriesPhoto of My First Kiss

    My First Kiss

    I never wanted to share this story, but I felt like someone out there might learn from it. I had my first kiss when I was fourteen years old. It all happened a night rain…

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  • PoetryPhoto of To the Happy Souls

    To the Happy Souls

    To all the happy souls out there, Who life has been to them, fair; Who happen to get what they ask for, And have never been broken before. There’s a man on the street, Who’s…

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