We are now open for submissions of your write-ups. However, we do not pay writers; we are currently working on a solution to that. For submissions, please follow the guidelines below:

• Send your work to the email address:

• The subject of the email should be “Submission of My Work” and the body should contain your details such as name, and phone number, with a little introduction about yourself.

• For short stories, it must be in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx), font size 12 or 14 and a legible font style; it must be between 1000-4000 words, with the document saved by the title of the work;

• For articles and other write-ups, it must be in the aforementioned format, and not more than 1500 words. Endeavour to save the work with the title of the article;

• For poems, similar instructions apply with the poem not being more than 300 words.

• Write your name the way you want it to be appear while accrediting the work to you.

Thank you