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  • Photo of The Cabin (Part 6)

    The Cabin (Part 6)

    Continued from the last part… Later that night, 11:37 pm… Stacie and Louie’s POV She rested her head on his chest, circling her fingers on his chest, while he was…

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  • Photo of The Cabin (Part 5)

    The Cabin (Part 5)

    Continued from the last part… 9:30pm. July 18th. Wednesday—Ezekiel and Stacie’s apartment. They all sat down in the living room, making plans on how the holiday should be, since they…

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  • Photo of The Cabin (Part 4)

    The Cabin (Part 4)

    Continued from the last part… The Past. July 18th, 2014 He kept on checking his phone and for the fifth time. There were no missed calls or any text from…

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  • Photo of Fright


    I walked hurriedly towards the school’s hostel. The cold air rose to my feet and then to my breasts, making my nipples hard. I walked past her. She wasn’t smiling.…

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  • Photo of The Cabin (Part 3)

    The Cabin (Part 3)

    Continued from the last part… Louie’s POV This morning I was given more than the amount of drugs I used to take. I think I’m the only one close to…

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  • Photo of The Cabin (Part 2)

    The Cabin (Part 2)

    Continued from the last part… Ezekiel’s POV He sat on the chair, cupping his chin in his palm, his eye bags were obvious. He looked like he hadn’t slept for…

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  • Photo of The Cabin (Part 1)

    The Cabin (Part 1)

    Dani’s POV She sat crossing her legs together and clasping her palms together, she hung her head low. Her face held no emotions. Her hair was sticking up and scattered,…

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  • Photo of Red Paints

    Red Paints

    “You’re not supposed to be in grade six,” I repeated the second time with the resulting boisterous laughter among my classmates. “Wait, what?” I watched the bully knock his teeth…

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  • Photo of Lawal


    Mom had not always been a fan of my poems. Especially the ‘step’ poem. She said it was too dark for a twelve-year-old, that’s what she told dad anyway. She…

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  • Photo of The Spy

    The Spy

    I stood there, by the road side. I knew mother would be worried sick as the unusual had happened, which was unlikely of me. All I could think of was…

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  • Photo of Unheard Innocence

    Unheard Innocence

    “Please let me go. I don’t want to die,” my voice echoed amidst the crowd. “She’s a thief, she deserves to die,” said the man who held my arm fiercely.…

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  • Photo of Raqueila (Episode Seven)

    Raqueila (Episode Seven)

    Continued from the last part… Five Days Later… Andy’s POV I walked into the school with the guys who all looked glum. Jace looked so sad and furious, I’d been…

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  • Photo of Raqueila (Episode Six)

    Raqueila (Episode Six)

    Continued from the last part… Gwen’s POV Emma has been missing for four days, no one knows where she went to; not that I care or anything. I was in…

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  • Photo of Run


    Doom had struck in a place far from home. This thought stirred in Lucy’s mind, as she burst through the little door that led to an alley, some minutes ahead…

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  • Photo of Hunted


    The pills on the table were still there untouched. It was the first thing I realized as I opened my eyes from a nap. I sat up to have a…

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  • Photo of Hidden Venom

    Hidden Venom

    Big-Joe was reduced to tears as he sat in a staring competition with a glass of beer. A white envelope laid near the glass, as though kept separate to umpire…

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  • Photo of Frigid Night of Horror

    Frigid Night of Horror

    A wet Sunday. 11:30pm. Night had eaten supper, that the darkness brought several deafening echoes of aquatic beings, raging the air. Many a home door in the neighborhood had gone…

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  • Photo of Bad Ass in Love (Episode Nine)

    Bad Ass in Love (Episode Nine)

    Continued from the last part… Anita I sighed as I dropped my bag. Today’s been quite stressful; saw my parents in the hospital, took care of Sir John’s mum, and…

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  • Photo of When Owls Hoot

    When Owls Hoot

    When owls hoot, I remember the stories my mother used to tell. Stories that frightened an eight year old me. Stories that always left the chills running down my spine.…

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  • Photo of Who Am I?

    Who Am I?

    Sweaty and gasping for breath I paused and waited for the sound that signaled my freedom. That five o’clock alarm would give me an excuse to stop pretending to be…

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