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  • Photo of One August Morning

    One August Morning

    The creepiness started in early August after the demise of my grandmother. It started with bizarre sounds from the basement, ranging from footsteps in the backyard to the howling of…

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  • Photo of The China Doll

    The China Doll

    I watched as my little sister, Mary opened her last birthday present. “Mary who is it from?” Mother asked. “I don’t know, there is no name card. It is just…

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  • Photo of Win… or Die?

    Win… or Die?

    She rounded the corner of the street and quickened her steps, fear adding a surreal atmosphere to the moonless night. The only sources of light were the occasional lights from…

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  • Photo of The Gold Statue

    The Gold Statue

    “Hey Sylvia, look what I found,” I called out with hushed voice at my friend, Sylvia. Sylvia and I had sneaked into Mrs. Whales attic two hours after she vacated…

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  • Photo of Prank Call

    Prank Call

    The call came in. Around 12:15 AM. It was a private number. I picked it up. A male voice came on. I didn’t recognize the voice. “Hello, look at the…

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  • Photo of Whirls Of Horror

    Whirls Of Horror

    She took a deep draw of the cigarette and gulped down all the contents in the glass cup beside her. She was still tensed up, she noticed. She hated such…

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  • Photo of Seductive Revenge

    Seductive Revenge

    She smiled at him and walked towards where he sat with his friends. Her armless top barely covered her chest, and the mini sized skirt she wore gave a clear…

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  • Photo of Last Entry

    Last Entry

    The pounding of the heart can speak a lot of things—fear, arousal, excitement, curiosity, sadness, and even death—as it slowly ceases its movement. All these heartbeats, one’s heart can tell.…

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  • Photo of The Old House

    The Old House

    There is this building very close to our town’s football field. It wasn’t the only football field but it was the closest one to our house. It is said that…

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  • Photo of Just Yesterday

    Just Yesterday

    GHOST MODE 19th, July 2010. 11:30 am. Just yesterday, a wind blew past the class. Our lecturer knew what it meant. We thought it was the welcome of the rain…

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  • Photo of Bloody Mary

    Bloody Mary

    Her tiny room was gloomy, it reeked of decaying wood and mildew. The only source of light was the moon’s reflective glow that penetrated through her patched up, and stained…

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  • Photo of Halloween


    Wow! I was so damn surprised when my mum told me that Tejiri wanted me to come for her halloween party. I was like, “Are you sure that’s what she…

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  • Photo of The Unknown Number

    The Unknown Number

    The voice of a woman shouting at her maid droned from the speaker. Across the large TV screen, on the couch sat a woman, legs elegantly crossed as her fingers…

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  • Photo of The Cabin (Part 9)

    The Cabin (Part 9)

    Continued from the last part… Present day… Ivan’s POV Patient 222 There’s always a lady wearing a white sort of dress and small cap that never seems to fit on…

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  • Photo of Rose


    I saw him standing by the side of the bus. He was smiling and bursting with vitality and sensuality. Immediately he saw me, he was startled. His smile slowly disappeared.…

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  • Photo of Love Tango

    Love Tango

    “Hello, how are you doing? I was wondering if there’s something I could do to make you love me again…” “Perhaps, a slice of cake and a large cauldron of…

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  • Photo of Hunger


    The first person came down from the bus, I was not worried. It was a 15-seater bus, there had to be someone in the bus willing to feed me. The…

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  • Photo of The Cabin (Part 8)

    The Cabin (Part 8)

    Continued from the last part… “Guys, guys, we can’t just stand here forever.” She threw her hands up in frustration. Ruth who hasn’t said anything all through the ride down…

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  • Photo of Death Game

    Death Game

    I gripped the washbasin tightly, ignoring the numbness that began to spread up my wrist. My eyes were fixed on my reflection in the mirror. Despite the air-conditioned restroom, sweat…

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  • Photo of The Cabin (Part 7)

    The Cabin (Part 7)

    Continued from the last part… July 20th Friday. The trip to Lakewood Cabin was a rather quiet one. The kids had taken off two hours ago, 11am—not the actual time…

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