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  • Photo of Desolate


    How do I start explaining that once it’s 11:00 AM each morning, my front door would open and I will be in a desolate area, a place totally different from…

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  • Photo of Again


    “I eee … never … yechi ghuuu …” For the very first time she spoke! It was a dark and creepy night. The voice of ‘my only companion,’ Jennifer, was…

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  • Photo of The Departing

    The Departing

    Seven owls are on my roof, don’t ask me how I know, I think I can sense them and my senses are telling me that they’re seven. The dogs are…

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  • Photo of The Beautiful Dress

    The Beautiful Dress

    After lectures that day, I was walking home when I saw this girl. No, scratch that. The cloth she was wearing caught my attention. It was beautiful. I quickly brought…

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  • Photo of Total Fear

    Total Fear

    I don’t know if I would ever tell her that the only reason I’m friends with her was because of her father. I just arrived at my department that day…

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  • Photo of Station 12

    Station 12

    It used to be Station Wilbur not until the local tabloid called it Station 12 and the name stuck. For years, everyone called the train station where about 12 deaths…

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  • Photo of Dandulu


    Don’t read if you do get easily scared 🔞 I repeat: don’t go through this if your heart is not strong. Okay… Everything I will say today shall be but…

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  • Photo of My Best Friend

    My Best Friend

    I met Ada yesterday. She was my best friend. I was really happy to see her. After our secondary education, we lost touch of each other. We went to a…

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  • Photo of Another Chance!

    Another Chance!

    You stood at the other end of your father’s elegant sitting room, opposite the large plasma television, staring at your brother, in amazement, as he wailed over your still body.…

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  • Photo of Me and My Thoughts

    Me and My Thoughts

    “Did you hear that?” “Hear what?” “I thought I heard something.” “It’s just your mind playing games with you.” Mary and John were lost in the woods. They had tried…

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  • Photo of We Meet Again

    We Meet Again

    Vivian Lutena, a middle aged woman, beautiful and mightily endowed just stepped out of her Jacuzzi tub. Life to Vivian was good, so good that she forgot a lot of…

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  • Photo of Her Tedious Shift

    Her Tedious Shift

    With surgical gloves on her hands, she placed a magnifying glass hanging slightly off the pile of books. Right under the glare of the sun from the window. She scattered…

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  • Photo of Dark Wish

    Dark Wish

    I always wanted a dog. There’s always a difference between wants and needs, my mother always replied. My 10-year-old self never understood what she meant. I only knew I had…

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  • Photo of Cold Night

    Cold Night

    It was really cold last night. It didn’t rain, no. The trees behind my house made sounds that seemed like they would fall. I opened my eyes lazily, there goes…

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  • Photo of Horror Lives Only In Movies

    Horror Lives Only In Movies

    The kiosks swamped into many shapes before her eyes, monsters with enormous fangs hanging out, clowns ready to do the Penny the Clown dance, all coming for her, with arms…

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  • Photo of The Hooded Figure

    The Hooded Figure

    It was 10:00pm when Bill walked into the house to get the gloves as his friends waited for him outside. Their house, a simple bungalow located along the old garden…

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  • Photo of Stuck!


    My eyes flew open, to a gloomy darkness. There was a door, it was dark except for two parallel lines of sun rays. I felt pains in parts of my…

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  • Photo of Haunted Nightmares

    Haunted Nightmares

    She stared into his black eyes, all she saw was death, like the gates of hell reflected in his dark gaze. She wanted to run, but she couldn’t feel her…

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  • Photo of Trapped


    The tour guide was a man in his early sixties, with grey hair and an oval face. His nose resembled a bottle in shape and his dark lips proved that…

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  • Photo of Behind Closed Doors

    Behind Closed Doors

    I have learnt to cry without making sounds. Any sound at all. You just see the tears flow in rhythm to the rising and falling of my chest. It started…

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