May 13, 2020 Tobe Davis 0

Curled up on the cold floor, the breeze blowing strongly against my hypothermic body; I struggled to open my glued, shut eyes. And like wind against chyme, I felt a [Read more… ]

All That Glitters

February 1, 2020 Princess Sarah Akpu 0

“Gold,” the greedy whisper echoed in the cave. “Gold, gold, gold,” Steven repeated, clasping Mary’s hand tighter, hurrying her along. There were deep in the dank tunnel. Water trickled somewhere, [Read more… ]



October 3, 2019 Rhosax 0

“Man up!” Finn yelled at me. “The idiot robbed you off your family’s heirloom then raped your sister! He raped her—” “Stop it!” I cut him, holding my head in [Read more… ]