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  • Photo of The Unforgettable Night

    The Unforgettable Night

    That night I lay on the bed as I was waiting for Daniel, my boyfriend who promised to spend the night with me. It was already 8pm, and he hasn’t…

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  • Photo of Pleasing Penis

    Pleasing Penis

    I heard her stifle a moan, then I knew it was my chance. We’d avoided this moment for months; months and now, it finally came, we both felt the hunger.…

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  • Photo of Sex on Sunday

    Sex on Sunday

    She handed me over to him. “This is my daughter. Whatever she wants, provide her with it,” she had told him. He only responded with a smirk. I know that…

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  • Photo of The Beacon of His Desire

    The Beacon of His Desire

    The urge to forget it all, to forget everything that happened some minutes ago was the only feeling Ethan had as he walked towards the strip club. He felt miserable…

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  • Photo of Tingling Buds

    Tingling Buds

    Her rose buds perked up, hardened and ached for something her mind couldn’t comprehend. She was tossed around by the movement of his lips and the caressing of his palm…

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