Sad Poems

  • Photo of Amendment


    Now things tend to reverse calamitously Then, wrong seemed right to me. To my notice now, It has dawned on me And that bad has defeated good. Being narrow-minded is…

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  • Photo of Good Years

    Good Years

    I’d rather be anywhere, anywhere but here I’d rather be anywhere, anywhere but here I close my eyes and see a crowd of a thousand tears I pray to God…

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  • Photo of Praying


    The month is coming to an end Everyone is happy But I’m praying To end the month with them Soon it’d be December Everyone would be celebrating But I’d be…

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  • Photo of Farewell


    GOODie, bye—good bye! I think it’s time we disengaged the delusive tie, That breeds not a serene unison And the love that lingers ‘neath the scorching sun Winter worsening weather—lust!…

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  • Photo of Delilah


    Daughter of Lucifer, Delilah, You had me yesternight and left before dawn, Oh my dreadlocks! Who cut my hair? How could I have known that even your tasteful lips could…

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  • Photo of The Pain in the Painting

    The Pain in the Painting

    People and the life they live are wonderful But that’s one thing with a painting Beautiful from far but with a close look, far from beautiful ‘Tis really a sad…

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  • Photo of Alone


    Being or feeling alone is one of the saddest places to be. You can have all the money in the world but if you don’t have anyone to share it…

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  • Photo of Nigeria @59: Rusted Gold

    Nigeria @59: Rusted Gold

    Nigeria! the great Republic heartbeat of the black race hope of million souls The strength and pillar of her wealth is endorsed from her land and abundant resources Home for…

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  • Photo of When Was The Last Time?

    When Was The Last Time?

    A day seems like thousand years to me Watching my own position replaced by a stranger. To my appealing mood, A heart of stone ought not to be hardened. When…

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  • Photo of The Mask

    The Mask

    I find peace in a broken picture… Love in a broken heart I find hope in a dark future… Joy in an evil art I find truth in a sad…

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  • Photo of Hate To Love You Diana!

    Hate To Love You Diana!

    It’s been crazy e’er since I met you Doing things I never imagined of you Said you’re easy, but I can’t solve you My bedroom is a battlefield for you…

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  • Photo of Boys Are Not Stones

    Boys Are Not Stones

    (I) Do stones hold drops of water? We are stones! We cry out tears when drenched With countless pains We waft away specks like rocks When hammered hotly Stone hold…

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  • Photo of Foul Play

    Foul Play

    Red was the day that got us split, when we couldn’t truce on a sit. And all I have done in a bid to quell her mind was undid. Her…

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  • Photo of Black Rose

    Black Rose

    Give me a flower A black rose to be precise This is the end and even though I hate goodbyes “Fare well,” my lips must say Amidst the pouring tears…

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  • Photo of Family Photograph

    Family Photograph

    Unlike ancient families, my family photograph reminds me of an ancient story, of how things fell apart.. Seated in the middle, is my fatherless father who was fathered by his…

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  • Photo of Hate Love

    Hate Love

    There’s something ’bout you and I No one else will ever see It’s so clear that we can’t deny Sweeps us away like the waves of the sea I gave…

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  • Photo of Vannesa Why?

    Vannesa Why?

    Vanessa oh Vanessa Beautiful as the flowers of Paris Pure like the winter snow Your love, my heart carries And nutures dearly so ’twill grow The lights in your eyes…

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  • Photo of Grounded


    Powerless, Flightless, Soulless… a status gotten effortlessly. Helpless, Hopeless, Voiceless… all these lots come endlessly. Jobless, Cashless, Homeless… yet the man works carelessly. Nameless, Fameless, Shameless… and the man roams…

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