Sad Poems

  • Photo of Shades of Pains

    Shades of Pains

    Sitting on my swing on death Ready to drown away my sorrows forever I could hear the voice of Hades pressuring me to give in And I am ready to…

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  • Photo of Silenced


    The gods are angry, Calamity has befallen the land Rivers and streams, Turned to dry lands. They claim the gods are angry, Their people are suffering, From their wrath and…

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  • Photo of Rhythm


    I still remember the absurd choreography of the undertakers’ Thud… Six feet beneath mother earth Wailings… The tune we enjoyed all through Amen… The man of God is discharging his…

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  • Photo of Another Monster

    Another Monster

    We live like roaches on the run, hiding from what is unseen whilst safe behind the mask like the Lords of the Night. We have access to all the info…

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  • Photo of Why?


    Maybe you never really cared. Maybe you just lied. How can I remember to forget all our memories? Have you forgotten all the times I made you smile? Why did…

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  • Photo of Sad


    Is this it? Is this the end? Sigh Could it have been helped? Could it have gone better? My mind is empty, filled with nothingness… numb and still. Trying to…

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  • Photo of Corona, My Love

    Corona, My Love

    A sad truth indeed As we change our deeds A true change For us to manage It’s hygiene In this regime On our hand No sand Our mouths close We…

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  • Photo of Existential Crisis

    Existential Crisis

    She hid her real self beneath the tempo of her poems she covered her real emotions with the lyrics of her songs Nobody knew she was dying on the inside…

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  • Photo of Earth’s Stretch Marks

    Earth’s Stretch Marks

    Let’s sing a song… About the drain so long Miseries in cloak, so wrong Souls in black of pain Earth, dry no harvest to gain Let’s sing aloud, not in…

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  • Photo of The Joke

    The Joke

    I am a clown, I have always been a clown, Everyday at the circus I make people laugh their hearts out, I perform new tricks that I practised all night…

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  • Photo of Love Turned To Fraud

    Love Turned To Fraud

    Your love is a fraud As dark as the cloud Your love is blank As scary as the dark Your love is tiring Your love is boring You confused me…

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  • Photo of Out of Nothingness

    Out of Nothingness

    Out of nothingness called forth to existence, the Earth Sent his tidings in abundance Thus giving us the breath of life To make us live in his likeness. Gave us…

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  • Photo of Shattered


    Beautiful Broad Bright With a smooth road Leading to it Vibrant Young Promising Was the spirit I have within me Clear Straight Sharp Was the vision I had Until Stupidity…

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  • Photo of Reject


    Hello sir, Your documents please, Wow, such an amazing CV, And you said twenty years of experience? That’s what my company would need, But I got a few other questions:…

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  • Photo of Fireflies


    I stood out for more hours than I could count. What was I doing? Ha! Telling the stars about you. Telling them how rich you have made me feel. So…

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  • Photo of The Demon

    The Demon

    Oh! I found myself here again. I thought I had flown over the darkness. Did I mistake darkness for light? Did the demon play on my intelligence? How did I…

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  • Photo of Prison of Thoughts

    Prison of Thoughts

    Unending flows of thoughts, She hugged her heart so tight, It was a day mare the opposite of mares of night, Her face pallid and full of sadness, She had…

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  • Photo of Guilt


    Words fail to express what I feel. The anger in me is killing me. The one thing I feared the most has come to pass, Am I ready for it?…

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  • Photo of Nightmare


    I don’t want you! I accepted you and all you did was to make my life a living hell. You left me shattered and battered like a rat drenched in…

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  • Photo of Moments of Bliss

    Moments of Bliss

    My love for you didn’t have to be eternal But the little sacrifices I made should have counted. My heart shouldn’t have be ripped out by you to tell you…

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