Sad Poems

  • Photo of Give Me An Atom Chance

    Give Me An Atom Chance

    If I could rewrite history and undo my careless mistakes that would be my biggest victory and a feat that would define my stakes. I’ve been an irritating wasp that…

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  • Photo of Ghettohood


    Far back in the day we own the street in every way. Like astronauts in the Milky Way, the streets was our discovering bay. Free men of raw talents, we…

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  • Photo of Yes, I Am A Nigerian

    Yes, I Am A Nigerian

    Yes, I am a Nigerian By birth and by blood I opened my eyes in the company of masked aliens that welcomed me I didn’t know what it meant, but…

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  • Photo of HOPE-less


    Lone figure of hope, beaten down Weathered by tribulations Skin etched by suffering Sun’s daily rays drying out all hope The hope for a better time Lifeless breasts fallen with…

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  • Photo of Your Birth, My Pain

    Your Birth, My Pain

    “Why have you chosen to put me to shame?” “What did I do to deserve a stained name?” “How did you become so lame?” “I am your mother not a…

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  • Photo of My Heart

    My Heart

    It is painful yet it can’t be helped, the deed has already been done. The mind travels back, bringing forth the painful memories that are harmful to the future. It…

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  • Photo of Pain And Misery

    Pain And Misery

    When I shut my eyes, I see an unreal, unliveableworld, Devoid of sense and humanism Breathing misfortune and dancing amidst darkness. When I breath, I perceive the sickly smell of…

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  • Photo of Not Just ‘Women’

    Not Just ‘Women’

    All day long I think of someone But unfortunately I’m not being thought of I do my best to care for someone But unfortunately I’m not being cared for Is…

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  • Photo of Corpse


    I’m chasing my course Now look at me What do you see? A singing tree? Or a walking corpse? I’m right here Wandering where You could be Not behind my…

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  • Photo of My Rules

    My Rules

    People always say, “You’ll be fine” Sometimes I say it to myself too Just to make the pain go away But it doesn’t. How the fuck do they know I’ll…

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  • Photo of Hymen in Tears

    Hymen in Tears

    The seal of her virginity was faced with impunity. An act of inhumanity wage by men of insanity whose souls are soaked in endless vanity. Struggling to escape the grip…

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  • Photo of Once Upon a Mind

    Once Upon a Mind

    Dedicated to Late Chukwuemeka Akachi Once upon a mind that was once filled with void Once a mind that was, but not with a form Even a soul with then…

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  • Photo of When The Home Is A Den

    When The Home Is A Den

    It’s so quiet here and I feel so cold. This place no longer feels like home. The serenity had been blown away By the sirens of vague interest. Home is…

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  • Photo of In His Image And Likeness

    In His Image And Likeness

    You can’t drink the ocean liquid Salty it is—so are my tears Shelter to its inhabitants—home to my feelings Where I drown in its liquor Just so I can see…

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  • Photo of The Struggle

    The Struggle

    Daily, we struggle. We struggle to survive. To survive our hard times Andour tough times. From the shackles of hunger To the chains of endurance. From the fetters of quietness…

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  • Photo of Lonely Love

    Lonely Love

    The sun is beneath my feelings, scorching and harassing my mind with glimpse of no one in sight as I gaze into emptiness. And when I thought love found me…

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  • Photo of Illusion


    Waking up to pee All I saw was him All dressed in black As they said he was free Like I had seen My skin gone pale My legs weak…

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  • Photo of A Letter To My First Love

    A Letter To My First Love

    From the pain of myself and the happiness of my spirit, I declare it over! Don’t beep me or call me anymore. Forget about me. Let’s end this. If you…

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  • Photo of The Race (1)

    The Race (1)

    You are beset by foes Your mates are against you What if they strike, who knows That’s all your wits tell you A whole lot are two-faced Yes, just as…

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  • Photo of Remember Me

    Remember Me

    Remember me like tomorrow, which you await today to come. Remember me like your daily bread. And have me, at least, once a day. Remember me like the air you…

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