Sad Poems

  • Photo of Dim


    Too much passion Too much rebellion Who stole her peace And shredded her purity Bursted through her virginity And ate her world on the ghetto table Now how can she…

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  • Photo of Beyond the Colours

    Beyond the Colours

    Paint my skin white, blonde, black or red Our blood will always be red when bled Whether you are from the north, east, South or west Together our strength is…

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  • Photo of I Want to Write

    I Want to Write

    I want to write but time won’t permit me I want to talk but strength will give me away For the umpteenth time, I want to talk about my experiences…

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  • Photo of Unforgettable Lover

    Unforgettable Lover

    As I waited for the sun to set I longed for my eyelids to shut I needed a diversion, I can’t sleep Thoughts of my ex-lover flew in like birds…

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  • Photo of Lone Man

    Lone Man

    I was sitting by the road side, along the highway… I was deep in thoughts. Thinking about how everyone feels I’m alright. How everyone feels I’ve got the perfect life..…

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  • Photo of Do Not Weep

    Do Not Weep

    When you return You will find me hanging from the fan With my neck askew and My eyes glassy in death Or you might find me on the floor With…

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  • Photo of The Voices in My Head

    The Voices in My Head

    I hear the voices in my head Echoing and reverberating Full of flaws yet flawless They tell my heart to race at the sight of the opposite sex They tell…

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  • Photo of Caved Hearts

    Caved Hearts

    My heart’s a cave Empty and cold Filled with darkness Deep with emotions My heart’s a cave Silent as a grave With not a single rave And that’s what I…

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  • Photo of Monsters


    Monsters—ghouls of cruel intentions. Façade of obscurity. Whether I believe in monsters or I shall be condemned is of irrelevance nowadays. Subject of my own frivolous ways. Subject of my…

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  • Photo of Lettered Petals

    Lettered Petals

    Thinking about the way you kissed, And The way your laughter gave me chills, There’s so much I really miss about you. Holding your vase, I can only feel your…

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  • Photo of The Virus

    The Virus

    If a part of the world become sick, We all become sick. The sky must be blue. Let’s pray In truthfulness, For the greediness of man that has brought coldness,…

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  • Photo of Boys Don’t Cry

    Boys Don’t Cry

    We are stones, we ain’t got no flesh or bones We have hats, we ain’t got no heart We don’t feel, we ain’t got no feeling Boys don’t cry, we…

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  • Photo of Dear Martha

    Dear Martha

    Dear Martha This is the eighty-fourth letter Or is it the eighty-fifth? Damn! I lost count, just like when I lost you When I lost everything Everyday I anticipate the…

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  • Photo of Abortive Land

    Abortive Land

    Your narrative starts in tears You bath in kisses of death You have an affable breast You breastfeed the heads in chains Your children are called premature It hurts On…

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  • Photo of Aduke


    Aduke, I’m sorry to thwart your dreams. How do I fall in love when I’m incapable of being loved? How do I give you my heart when I no longer…

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  • Photo of Sad Love

    Sad Love

    I walked past the brushes expecting to be pricked by thorns I wanted it so I would have a reason to shed the tears which had built up over the…

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  • Photo of Sorrowful Death

    Sorrowful Death

    Kneeling in solitude Of crocheted dreams; I’ve eared drumbeats; The African and Western rhythms. I’ve prayed with feet To the spirits of music; I’ve clasped into extinction The leathers of…

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  • Photo of He and She

    He and She

    Through his eyes she saw the girl in him And she embraced her His flower bloomed and she nurtured it The moon smiled upon them As she smiled at him…

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