Sad Poems

  • Photo of Our Case: A Stare Case

    Our Case: A Stare Case

    Tales get twisted When trust Is lost in twixt. Mud and water Used to be close Elements among mortals. Mud settled Beneath water; None nettled. Then, Mud stopped trusting water;…

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  • Photo of Moments of Bliss

    Moments of Bliss

    You once shared in my moments of bliss I was only but a kid Those days I’ll never miss We loved each other, that we never hid We could have…

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  • Photo of Cold


    Just thirteen years old Wondering why the world was so cold Always timid, never bold “Boldness is a luxury,”she was told And to Madam Gold she was sold Her tiny…

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  • Photo of Vain Illusion

    Vain Illusion

    I created a picture Of you in my head. You are the mirror, I am the replica. In my dreams, You keep appearing. In our home, You sit on the…

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  • Photo of Memories


    Memory is gold, crystal clear like Ultra-violet ray from the solar system, Leaving the scar of yesterday in my skin like a tattoo. Your nomenclature keeps ringing the pendulum bell…

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  • Photo of A Swing

    A Swing

    I wish I can swing all life long… I wish I can swing my thoughts and pain… I wish the swing will hear me and say, “Hey! Come let me…

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  • Photo of Cry From An Arid Land

    Cry From An Arid Land

    Are You still there? Burn these pages if You are. Can You hear me? If You can, Draw me in! Give me an Escape! My heart’s freezing. Fill me, my…

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  • Photo of I Choose Myself

    I Choose Myself

    My hearts wants this My mind knows that I’m torn between what I know and what I feel Do I choose your happiness or do I choose myself again? A…

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  • Photo of Anti-social


    Broken windows; broken heart Dark rooms; dark humor Blood-stained walls; blood-stained thoughts I am a house; a haunted house Ghosts lurk around my corridors The dim lights are always twitching…

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  • Photo of On His Return

    On His Return

    He stood so tall amongst the rest, almost perfect; his eyes running about like some ball in their sockets He seemed to be paying attention, but not quite, for I…

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  • Photo of Decimation


    Oh! Helpless man, a shadow of his creator. Grew from strength to strength and dwindled day after day. Oh! Fearless man, so scared of his future. Fought for lasting freedom…

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  • Photo of Why Be A Cultist?

    Why Be A Cultist?

    Why be a cultist? Someone who is nothing but an anarchist Someone who is a non-conformist Or don’t you know a cultist is a satanist? Why be a cultist? That…

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  • Photo of For You

    For You

    I won’t cry for you I won’t go snooping around your trail sniffing out girls’ footprints My heart won’t crash for you When you become the virus that corrupts my…

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  • Photo of I Am

    I Am

    A gone son of a gun, lives by the gun To gun down sons of guns A rare black and white raven, ravaging dexterity, thus ambidextrous The hood of hoodlums…

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  • Photo of Writer’s Curse

    Writer’s Curse

    Just like a camera man I am the hand behind the pen Writing of your triumphs and your downfalls But who will write about me Who will watch the watcher…

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  • Photo of RelationSHIP


    I’m stuck in this love triangle, The third wheel in a love boat. I was never his end, But the means to his end. I left a sinking ship, Hoping…

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  • Photo of She was There

    She was There

    In the dark, Under thin sheets, I toss and turn, I long for that presence, I long for her wheezy snores, I long for her soft, sleepy whispers, They were…

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  • Photo of Cry of a Fallen Warrior

    Cry of a Fallen Warrior

    Father! I am here. I want to say thank you, Although my bones hurt, My memory haunts me, My logic flees me. Father! I am broken. I want to way…

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