• Photo of Blocked


    I’m shut within myself Thoughts escaping From my mind But my hand could take a tour A tour to the world of words And make my thoughts words Words to…

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  • Photo of Reaper


    He stole all the attention like a thief, Impeccably dressed, Tall and well built, He walked towards the bar With a charming smile She watched him glide, Sitting at the…

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  • Photo of Deception


    I I like to pretend Pretend that I’m happy I like to plaster a smile on my face To cover the dark traces of tears I like to sing and…

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  • Photo of Day 01—Mr. Baby

    Day 01—Mr. Baby

    Mr. Baby, Umm… Hello. Hi. Mouths dry; suddenly I’ve become the proverbial bride blushing before her groom The butterflies you awaken in my insides are enough to shake me up…

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  • Photo of Queen That Fights Corona

    Queen That Fights Corona

    I am here to celebrate the real Queen Oh God bless her, “Amen” For us to stay up all night, we take bean and caffeine But this Queen takes nothing,…

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  • Photo of Love Me Till Your Last Breath

    Love Me Till Your Last Breath

    My heart carries a ladder Of a broken mind My heart bleeds in distress I clip for your empty promise Where your eyes spoke passion And your words songs to…

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  • Photo of An Angel With A Licence To Kill

    An Angel With A Licence To Kill

    Sometimes, I wish the Lord could make me His angel Make me a slaying angel with a 50-feet blade And also give me a license to kill If the Lord…

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  • Photo of Rough


    I like it rough, I whisper into his ears. Sending me in a state of euphoria, As he plunges deeper and deeper Bringing me to my end. His hands suddenly…

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  • Photo of Tomorrow Dreams

    Tomorrow Dreams

    I woke up to the sky smiling No man is limited, I give thanks for tomorrow One day, one life I live Today has given me more than sorrow I…

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  • Photo of We Dare Not Die Here

    We Dare Not Die Here

    In the dim of our souls— I smell fear. It’s eyes—their lights, as it came and went, and came and went, bore bland parts of everyday existence. This deafening silence…

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  • Photo of Inside The Lockdown

    Inside The Lockdown

    Hearts of the fearful are rift, full of bends to drift, and hope to lift, undone thrift, a shift. Bonds of the separated grew, with fresh barley brew And love…

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  • Photo of Goddess


    Speak of Elegance Speak of outstanding beauty Talk of the one million glances she gets Be reminded of her powerful presence Even as I speak of her, my heart adores…

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  • Photo of Break-Through


    Stuck Within this impeccable wall Every day celebrated as war Behind this labour fence My ambition lies behind this wall Walking aimlessly While I battle this obstacle Tackling me against…

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  • Photo of Dear Depression

    Dear Depression

    My pen has fallen slave to the thirst of bleeding, bleeding daily unendingly on these blank sheets of paper engraving empty words, my heart sunken by grief ripping it out…

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  • Photo of Her Death

    Her Death

    She could smell the hate in their breaths, Their eyes twitching with distaste, Tracked her every move, She stumbled again The hate became visible, She could taste it, It pressed…

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  • Photo of Robbed Of My Innocence

    Robbed Of My Innocence

    On the bare floor I landed I lay unclad and beheld my tormentor someone I presumed to be a mentor. It played with my bosom with its hands like a…

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  • Photo of Equipoise


    Published after death Are antiques crafted From the jewels of our souls. When hues of culture Ravish on our uncultured identity To mock our cultural shards; The ashes of our…

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  • Photo of Heart Ripper

    Heart Ripper

    Adorned with all the wonderful treasures life can give. Always looking glorious and a sight to behold. Everyone craves my attention which makes others desire to be just like me.…

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  • Photo of Victory To Me

    Victory To Me

    Let me tell you about Victory It is when you visit the past And you see short Ali and tall Bambi Ali, standing like a stool Throwing stones at mangoes…

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  • Photo of Without You

    Without You

    Your beauty’s dazzling It always makes me sizzle Like I’m being boiled in some kinda kettle Thoughts of you keep me outside even when it’s drizzling, There’s this aura with…

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