• Photo of What Drives A Man

    What Drives A Man

    What drives a man? she asked Is it the fear of a miserable and pathetic life of poverty, The shame of failure and pains of dreams that crashed? Maybe it’s…

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  • Photo of Tell That Man

    Tell That Man

    Your suit suits you well, Sooted by blood and souls that can never be soothed. Mr. Pot Belly, what is cooking inside of you, more concoctions to appease the god…

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  • Photo of Let’s Talk

    Let’s Talk

    Let’s talk about the sleeping souls The ones that sang us odes Let’s search their houses Their hearts, trousers and blouses How’s life out there in the open Where spirits…

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  • Photo of A Swing

    A Swing

    I wish I can swing all life long… I wish I can swing my thoughts and pain… I wish the swing will hear me and say, “Hey! Come let me…

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  • Photo of The Special Stranger at Green Way

    The Special Stranger at Green Way

    One day at a pet shop, I met a man selling cats, For money he wanted to swap, But I really wanted some bats. “Got any bats?” asked I. “For…

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  • Photo of Ring the Alarm

    Ring the Alarm

    Today, I got to know that Rings might not seal the heart But just steal the art of beautifying. Wearer of the ring Which the ring bearer once bore, Why…

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  • Photo of The World

    The World

    The world’s a market place Tough, hard to face Stay without His grace We stumble and miss our pace Everyone came to trade and go Some with machete and hoe…

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  • Photo of Just Keep It Coming

    Just Keep It Coming

    The wave of passion, the heat of hard work, the streams of creativity, the tide of discipline, the fire of love, the eyes of criticism, the hands of mistakes, the…

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  • Photo of Cry From An Arid Land

    Cry From An Arid Land

    Are You still there? Burn these pages if You are. Can You hear me? If You can, Draw me in! Give me an Escape! My heart’s freezing. Fill me, my…

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  • Photo of I Choose Myself

    I Choose Myself

    My hearts wants this My mind knows that I’m torn between what I know and what I feel Do I choose your happiness or do I choose myself again? A…

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  • Photo of Anti-social


    Broken windows; broken heart Dark rooms; dark humor Blood-stained walls; blood-stained thoughts I am a house; a haunted house Ghosts lurk around my corridors The dim lights are always twitching…

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  • Photo of On His Return

    On His Return

    He stood so tall amongst the rest, almost perfect; his eyes running about like some ball in their sockets He seemed to be paying attention, but not quite, for I…

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  • Photo of Dream


    Dream from the pool of wisdom Dream from the stream of wisdom Dream from the river of wisdom Dream from the calm sea of wisdom Dream from the gentle stream…

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  • Photo of Correct Nyan

    Correct Nyan

    If yu like chop If you like no chop, hunger no dey finish e go reach yur turn. For we country where we dey agbaya na im dey rich pass.…

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  • Photo of Decimation


    Oh! Helpless man, a shadow of his creator. Grew from strength to strength and dwindled day after day. Oh! Fearless man, so scared of his future. Fought for lasting freedom…

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  • Photo of Stop Yahooism—a Three-sided Poem

    Stop Yahooism—a Three-sided Poem

    Smarty’s side Gripping his laptop tightly, he closed his eyes waiting for the reply His client has been following smoothly or rather sheepishly Call him client or mugu, your choice…

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  • Photo of Why Be A Cultist?

    Why Be A Cultist?

    Why be a cultist? Someone who is nothing but an anarchist Someone who is a non-conformist Or don’t you know a cultist is a satanist? Why be a cultist? That…

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  • Photo of For You

    For You

    I won’t cry for you I won’t go snooping around your trail sniffing out girls’ footprints My heart won’t crash for you When you become the virus that corrupts my…

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