Micro Poetry

  • Photo of “Time” — A Poem by Ayanfee

    “Time” — A Poem by Ayanfee

    Time, the one who waits for no man. The one who runs without hearing the word “GO”. Time, the one who respects no man, Neither the rich nor the poor,…

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  • Photo of “Phenomenal” — A Poem by Alabi Tosin

    “Phenomenal” — A Poem by Alabi Tosin

    You rule your world You are a rare type of your kind Let me prove your worth I’m amazed at your make up: Your prowess is plausible Your touch of…

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  • Photo of “Murderer” — A Poem by Tobe Davis

    “Murderer” — A Poem by Tobe Davis

    Like the dawn of a new day, I slept, and woke up All new and transformed. Evil occupies my subconscious, And I am on a spree; Killing anyone on my…

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  • Photo of “Piece the Pieces” — A Poem by Tobe Davis

    “Piece the Pieces” — A Poem by Tobe Davis

    The face behind, The tears untold, The scars that are hidden; Pointer to the obvious. His mind, a fiery mess. His emotions, an aerosolized splatter. That smile, the shadow of…

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  • Photo of Nigerian Politicians

    Nigerian Politicians

    Mouths full of sweet words like candy, Deceiving the poor masses with their sugar-coated words, Full of deceit and hypocrisy, I wonder if we worship the same God with them.…

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  • Photo of Breathe Again

    Breathe Again

    I disappear at times, You see how the shadow leaves, In the absence of light. At times I pull the stray strands, And in off tune I play my rickety…

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  • Photo of Freedom


    Like a sledgehammer on ice, My pain is crushed down to size And yeah, furthermore it dies. I see with my eyes, A flourishing garden beyond the isle. Oh! Sing…

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  • Photo of When We All Die

    When We All Die

    The wails, the smiles The loves, the hates The riches, the poor All shall end in vanity The strong, the weak The kings, the butlers The lords, the serfs All…

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  • Photo of Complications


    It started with a kiss then she smacked and hiss, he caved and missed then she got pissed their vibe got dismissed. He lashed “damn you Lariss” she shouted “I…

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  • Photo of Cry of Blacks

    Cry of Blacks

    I live, you live We live, we move I’m black, you’re white Our love shines bright I’m black, so you say Unequalled love on bay Callousness be shoved off Hands…

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  • Photo of Sad-We


    We An unplayed melody. An unsung lyrics. A blank draft. An empty gallery. A story that ends before it began. We. An item that never was. Might have been perfect,…

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  • Photo of Drop the Hate

    Drop the Hate

    Drop the hate It kills you from within And makes you suffer greatly. Drop the hate It salts healing wounds And rebreaks a mended heart. Drop the hate It blocks…

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  • Photo of Picture, Not Future

    Picture, Not Future

    Children are like grains on the planet, Fill the bellies of their parents with joys and happiness. Of sweetness that sweets the tongue and palate, For the seed of womb…

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  • Photo of Forbidden Love

    Forbidden Love

    Most days, My heart freezes And my mind melts Also, my inside dances All because you are near Because I can smell you And feel the warmth of your skin…

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  • Photo of Till Death Do Us Part

    Till Death Do Us Part

    ‘Till Death do us part’ Those were the words Sealed with a kiss But Death was hasty He… She… Whoever ! Came too quick Call me insane But those words…

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  • Photo of Aurora


    Beauty in the skies, spectral of hues defined. Goddess of the dawn, endowing a rare day. Sapphire cynosure, magnetizing the hearts. Clandestine lamore, an exquisite radiant pearl. Blazing auroral photons,…

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  • Photo of Did You Know?

    Did You Know?

    Did You Know? Smiling is an expensive way to improve your looks? It’s worth more than what money can buy. Day in day out It’s one of the most affordable…

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  • Photo of Die in My Arms

    Die in My Arms

    I always hoped, You’d die in my arms. I wanted to laugh, As Hades welcomed you. I wanted to mock you, As I pierced you seven more times. But no……

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  • Photo of Broken Heart

    Broken Heart

    I wish you die, Before the sun sets. And I pray the stars, Fade with your soul. And the clouds also, Cause your mind to crash. I pray all nature’s…

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  • Photo of Our Blood

    Our Blood

    If our blood were to be happiness, I would choose to be the heart itself, I would clone myself to be an artery as well. If blood equated happiness, I…

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