Micro Poetry

  • Photo of Starless


    Starless night, dreamless night The rain goes tap tap on my window sill. Chilly night, stormy night The gentle breeze comes with perfect still. A night that’s full of uncertainties,…

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  • Photo of To Beauty

    To Beauty

    All emotions, All passions, All delights, Whatever moves this mortal frame, All are but ministers of light, And feed her sacred flame. I played a soft and doleful air, I…

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  • Photo of Safe


    on bare foot, I sojourned to the land beyond the sky is no longer a covering but seals the pain and suffering the wind whispers the trees echoes dirge from…

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  • Photo of Sleep


    Beautiful oblivion A wave of unconciousness that defeats all others Sometimes frustratingly overwhelming Disrespectful in nature, it cuts all borders A servant in the day but at night, it oppresses…

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  • Photo of Peace


    Tranquility of the mind that transcends stress Antiquity of time that quietly descends Through worth and high esteem it crossed Till North and South stayed sewed, Planning its cross We…

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  • Photo of A Bad Moon Rising

    A Bad Moon Rising

    The moon has turned “red” on this blue moon. Profoundness of lucid dreams about The coming trouble becomes mystery, let the fool chase a blunt pavement. Earthquakes and lightnings, I…

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  • Photo of War


    When we were young, we thought it cool Till we saw people lie in pools Of blood, still things would not improve Men killing other men and blaming it On…

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  • Photo of His Shoes

    His Shoes

    Walking in his shoes for a mile, can’t move further from bitter sweat he has in his socks from knees to toes. I keep judging his snail pace to survival…

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  • Photo of Enchanted


    With a smile bejeweled by her teeth, a fairer lass my eyes have never seen Verily myself I count blessed for my soul she tooketh to lands never have I…

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  • Photo of Hope Harbour

    Hope Harbour

    Here we stand, clutching our tremors. Silence streaming above the grey, weary skies. We, looking at nothing in particular, yet nothing is everything to us. The nothing we have now…

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  • Photo of Fighting Temptation

    Fighting Temptation

    Pink demon, found me aloof. Sweet lemon, I couldn’t say no. Gracious mammon, gave me a proof. Silent sermon, made me not to do. Wow, come on! I did not…

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  • Photo of Daydreamer


    “Don’t cry,” she whispers. Holding me towards her shoulder, She says, “Just let me do what I do best, baby. Let me take care of you. It’s hard for me…

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  • Photo of My Strawberry

    My Strawberry

    My strawberry is neither plant nor found in a garden Her hand is honey and of her sight, fallen roses. Her heavenly voice blends with her chocolate skin. her face…

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  • Photo of Realest Dudes

    Realest Dudes

    We are new, our bonds grew. Our tongues drew each other’s blood to chew. We are few, our minds knew. We stayed together in the dew, and when the wind…

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  • Photo of Just Keep It Coming

    Just Keep It Coming

    The wave of passion, the heat of hard work, the streams of creativity, the tide of discipline, the fire of love, the eyes of criticism, the hands of mistakes, the…

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  • Photo of Àdúké: A Memoir

    Àdúké: A Memoir

    A love memoir, meme or flashback Flashes back the ‘yes’ days of yesterday — ‘Nine months ago’ was like yesterday — Àdùké, this toddler is the tail That tells the…

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  • Photo of The World I Live In

    The World I Live In

    I’m a soul unfazed by the quantum jealous gaze. I go through life’s maze, with goals and fire to blaze. These I do best, my tasks and daily tests. To…

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  • Photo of Steel Black II

    Steel Black II

    AFRIcans; Shine your light Darkness; the beauty, Lying beneath daylight Hold it firmly, the mystery Behind creaTION Your old age hold no wrinkles Your beauty glows like sun Among the…

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  • Photo of Book Books To Read

    Book Books To Read

    Most of the answers To your unanswered prayers And the solutions to Your adamant problems Are in your unread books. This is a new year, What books are you Planning…

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  • Photo of Bint Adeleke

    Bint Adeleke

    Bint Adeleke Who can write near a lake She taught me how to hide behind my lines And behave as if I’m fine My poet-friend You gave me a pen…

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