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  • Photo of She Knows My Name

    She Knows My Name

    Suppression, oppression, persecution—I have seen them all. They glare at me every night, and watch my insomniac eyes wink in absolute depression. I see them in every nightmare before the…

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  • Photo of We


    It was on April 1st, 2002. Mama was at home awaiting Papa’s arrival. It was getting late already, Papa was supposed to be back four hours ago from his security…

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  • Photo of Horror Lives Only In Movies

    Horror Lives Only In Movies

    The kiosks swamped into many shapes before her eyes, monsters with enormous fangs hanging out, clowns ready to do the Penny the Clown dance, all coming for her, with arms…

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  • Photo of The Hooded Figure

    The Hooded Figure

    It was 10:00pm when Bill walked into the house to get the gloves as his friends waited for him outside. Their house, a simple bungalow located along the old garden…

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  • Photo of Out of Love

    Out of Love

    “Hello,” her voice echoed from the other end of the phone. It was still lovely. Oh, what exactly did this girl do to me? How can I love like this?…

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  • Photo of Separated


    When a doctor wanted to make things up with his desperate ex-girlfriend who wanted a child of her own, he decided to do something utterly terrible—he separated a set of…

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  • Photo of Okoro Virus—The Story

    Okoro Virus—The Story

    The entire market was unusually calm and was not bustling as it would on a normal day. The colours that made it a colourful site was lacking. He sat in…

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  • Photo of Worthy


    “Seriously?” “Yes, she has to go on with the surgery between now till the end of next week,” the doctor says to you. You do not know how you are…

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  • Photo of The Party

    The Party

    At the party, I got uneasy and decided to go outside for some air. The noise was just too much and I wasn’t totally in my right mind. Moving through…

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  • Photo of Impure


    “I’m sorry Dan,” Deborah said. She rose to her feet from the king-sized bed, and began to move in his direction, dragging along the flowing white designer gown she wore.…

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  • Photo of Who Is Kenny?

    Who Is Kenny?

    I don’t think I have ever felt terrible and developed headaches like this all my life. Yesterday will always be a crazy day to remember. Three months ago, I joined…

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  • Photo of Battlefield Child

    Battlefield Child

    She fell upon the dead bodies strewn across the battleground, breathing heavily. The thought in her mind was that she wasn’t going to push forth the babe in her in…

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  • Photo of The Business of the Apocalypse

    The Business of the Apocalypse

    This story, and the events in it, is purely fiction. I sat in my underground office, reading the now-trending post on Twitter. A pleasant smile tugged at the corners of…

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  • Photo of Madea


    I’ve always wanted my mom’s name to be Madea. Even before I was born I’ve always wanted a mama and a sister, but no papa. Some say I’m into the…

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  • Photo of Kidnapper of Lolita

    Kidnapper of Lolita

    Dear Lolita, my darling, That this letter will be my last words to you across the Italian borders, is still but a fallacy to me. Presently, you need to see…

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  • Photo of New Husband

    New Husband

    “You are very lucky,” Maria was saying again. “A rich and handsome husband is not easy to come by.” Maria was my best friend, she came over to help me…

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  • Photo of The Shadow of a Known Past

    The Shadow of a Known Past

    “Hello, my Cherry. It’s me, your old-time lover. I know, I know, you’ve missed me. I’ve missed you too. But don’t you worry, my pretty Cherry, I’m back to fulfill…

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  • Photo of The Family Secret

    The Family Secret

    I don’t hate her, neither do I love her; my feelings are just neutral, a kind of neutrality that came with torrents of bitterness. You want to know how the…

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  • Photo of My Father’s Nickname

    My Father’s Nickname

    We were watching the movie when the sex scene came up. He was angered. He stood up immediately and walked out of the sitting room. I was a little bit…

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  • Photo of Haunted Nightmares

    Haunted Nightmares

    She stared into his black eyes, all she saw was death, like the gates of hell reflected in his dark gaze. She wanted to run, but she couldn’t feel her…

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