Love and Romance

  • Photo of Pleasure & Pain

    Pleasure & Pain

    Ben, a lively Engineering student meets Anita, a stunningly beautiful girl, and almost instantly falls in love with her. Being the type that believed in going for what you want,…

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  • Photo of Chained To A Heart

    Chained To A Heart

    I stared at her, almost unblinking for a full thirteen minutes before her eyelids fluttered open. She was still groggy from the drug-induced sleep she was waking up from; and…

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  • Photo of Twisted Fate

    Twisted Fate

    Afeez, a young and bubbling Nigerian student, meets Zainab, a beautiful, quiet and intelligent girl. Almost instantly, their attraction for each other sweeps them off their feet and they are…

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  • Photo of Extempore


    It was a decade now, when Arnold and his lover, Dorothy were under a shade of a leafless tree that stood next to a river bank: the sky was so…

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  • Photo of The Beacon of His Desire

    The Beacon of His Desire

    The urge to forget it all, to forget everything that happened some minutes ago was the only feeling Ethan had as he walked towards the strip club. He felt miserable…

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  • Photo of A Night Of Beautiful Terror

    A Night Of Beautiful Terror

    It was dark and rainy, the cloud produced hit jams as the cloud and the ground remixed their rhythm. I had wanted to study for my biology test practical coming…

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  • Photo of Nma


    Nma, a young and vivacious girl runs away from home after her father’s abuses gets too much to bear. She meets a girl who she becomes friends with and who…

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  • Photo of Till Yesterday

    Till Yesterday

    It’s been years Sofa, till yesterday. How long has it been, six, seven years? Kept count? You know you always say, “Life is cruel,” and now I believe you again,…

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  • Photo of Chemistry


    Me: See let’s end everything we think we are doing. It ain’t real at all, I want something new, real and different. Kel: What’s happening? Me: I don’t want to…

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  • Photo of Mom


    A story of a girl, Teniola Williams. She had a friend named Adamson Coker, a guy whom she began to get closer to. They did a lot of things together;…

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  • Photo of Tingling Buds

    Tingling Buds

    Her rose buds perked up, hardened and ached for something her mind couldn’t comprehend. She was tossed around by the movement of his lips and the caressing of his palm…

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  • Photo of Neither Distance… Nor Time

    Neither Distance… Nor Time

    “Good to see you again, Nini.” He smiled. “I should say the same too.” I faked a smile. It hid my displeasure perfectly. I couldn’t wait for the music to…

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  • Photo of Prejudice and Bad Ethnics

    Prejudice and Bad Ethnics

    Adeola sat down on a wooden bench facing the little window in her room, her hands akimbo to both her chubby soggy cheeks, with warm tears streaming down her cheeks,…

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  • Photo of The Stars Don’t Tell Our Fate

    The Stars Don’t Tell Our Fate

    Read First Part. Dear Random Reader, You might be wondering why I chose to tell you of all people my innermost secrets. I don’t know too. Maybe it’s because we…

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  • Photo of Inyamiri


    Inyamiri, as everybody all called him except me. I find pronouncing his name so hard. “Heekehmehphuna,” I always stutter. Overtime I’ve learnt to pronounce it correctly, Ikemefuna, as he will…

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  • Photo of Shackles of Love

    Shackles of Love

    She emphasized on the fact that boarding motorcycles was way too risky and claimed she was allergic to boarding motorcycles and that we go board a bus. Trust me, I…

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  • Photo of Keeping Up With Trisha (Episode Twenty-one)

    Keeping Up With Trisha (Episode Twenty-one)

    Continued from the last part… Trisha’s POV I turned my gaze to my hand which Davis held on his chest, then shifted my gaze to his eyes that were peering…

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  • Photo of The Abominable Son-in-law

    The Abominable Son-in-law

    Hello Cynthia, The past few months have been hell-on-earth for me, I just hope you are faring better than I am. I’m sad, really sad; I think I might be…

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