Love and Romance

  • Photo of Separated


    When a doctor wanted to make things up with his desperate ex-girlfriend who wanted a child of her own, he decided to do something utterly terrible—he separated a set of…

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  • Photo of Strings of Love

    Strings of Love

    “Arlea, the laundries are waiting.” “Arlea, be quick, you need to do some grocery shopping.” “Arlea, I can’t find my gold necklace.” “Arlea, my throat is hurting me, it’s dry.”…

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  • Photo of Worthy


    “Seriously?” “Yes, she has to go on with the surgery between now till the end of next week,” the doctor says to you. You do not know how you are…

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  • Photo of The Party

    The Party

    At the party, I got uneasy and decided to go outside for some air. The noise was just too much and I wasn’t totally in my right mind. Moving through…

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  • Photo of Impure


    “I’m sorry Dan,” Deborah said. She rose to her feet from the king-sized bed, and began to move in his direction, dragging along the flowing white designer gown she wore.…

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  • Photo of I Shot A Flower

    I Shot A Flower

    After what transpired between us five months ago, I tried to get over you countless times. There’s one time I thought I was over you, the day I lost my…

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  • Photo of The Shadow of a Known Past

    The Shadow of a Known Past

    “Hello, my Cherry. It’s me, your old-time lover. I know, I know, you’ve missed me. I’ve missed you too. But don’t you worry, my pretty Cherry, I’m back to fulfill…

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  • Photo of The Love I Sought

    The Love I Sought

    The environment was in disarray as cries and screams toppled each other. Some people ran helter skelter with no destination in mind. Hands could be seen on heads while some…

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  • Photo of Lowering The Gun

    Lowering The Gun

    I’ll kill her. Gave her my heart and all she did was hide it in her trash bin. If I had the chance to walk through her mind, I know…

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  • Photo of Love Triangle

    Love Triangle

    It was evening. The clouds had cried out a million raindrops; everywhere was as cold as ice and as silent as the graveyard. The hostel looked like rapture had taken…

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  • Photo of A Dream

    A Dream

    We were sitting under a tree, your head on my shoulder and your hands intertwined with mine, you smelled so good that my nose was buried in your hair. My…

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  • Photo of Pleasing Penis

    Pleasing Penis

    I heard her stifle a moan, then I knew it was my chance. We’d avoided this moment for months; months and now, it finally came, we both felt the hunger.…

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  • Photo of Three Hearts, One Valve

    Three Hearts, One Valve

    “Two girls are in love with me, Charles,” I said without preamble immediately I landed on the leather sofa in my best friend’s office. It was a tastefully furnished office,…

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  • Photo of I’m Enough

    I’m Enough

    “So tell me something interesting about yourself,” he said. We had been talking for up to thirty minutes, and the ice of a first meeting had melted. He was that…

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  • Photo of The Wrong Person

    The Wrong Person

    “Just look at how unarranged your room looks, I’ve told you that I don’t like it when you let your room look this way,” I said with feigned exasperation. There…

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  • Photo of How To Break A Heart

    How To Break A Heart

    Her eyes kept winking at my ignorance, and at that moment, my brain lost its primary function. Her artificial blonde hair fell on her oval face, and her hazel eyes…

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  • Photo of Empire High School

    Empire High School

    Joseph James is the brightest star at Empire High School. He is confident, has good looks, brains, and is the famous captain of the Basketball Team “Panther.” And it’s his…

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  • Photo of One Night

    One Night

    Stacy Blake is a tough cookie who has been on her own since she was little. She not only survived but flourished without much help from anyone. Though her life…

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  • Photo of Embers of a Dying Love

    Embers of a Dying Love

    Chijindu, my love, When I got your call after six years, I felt my heart stop for a moment; it was both a thing of ecstasy and intense pain to…

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  • Photo of My First Love

    My First Love

    I was driving in traffic today and I heard that song for the first time in so many years and I smiled as the memories came pouring in. It was…

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