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  • Photo of She Knows My Name

    She Knows My Name

    Suppression, oppression, persecution—I have seen them all. They glare at me every night, and watch my insomniac eyes wink in absolute depression. I see them in every nightmare before the…

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  • Photo of We


    It was on April 1st, 2002. Mama was at home awaiting Papa’s arrival. It was getting late already, Papa was supposed to be back four hours ago from his security…

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  • Photo of Madea


    I’ve always wanted my mom’s name to be Madea. Even before I was born I’ve always wanted a mama and a sister, but no papa. Some say I’m into the…

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  • Photo of Kidnapper of Lolita

    Kidnapper of Lolita

    Dear Lolita, my darling, That this letter will be my last words to you across the Italian borders, is still but a fallacy to me. Presently, you need to see…

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  • Photo of New Husband

    New Husband

    “You are very lucky,” Maria was saying again. “A rich and handsome husband is not easy to come by.” Maria was my best friend, she came over to help me…

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  • Photo of The Family Secret

    The Family Secret

    I don’t hate her, neither do I love her; my feelings are just neutral, a kind of neutrality that came with torrents of bitterness. You want to know how the…

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  • Photo of My Father’s Nickname

    My Father’s Nickname

    We were watching the movie when the sex scene came up. He was angered. He stood up immediately and walked out of the sitting room. I was a little bit…

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  • Photo of Nemesis


    Dr Ngene manoeuvred through the heavy traffic along the Lagos Ibadan expressway with great joy for the memories of yesterday and enthusiasm for the adventure of today. The memories of…

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  • Photo of Biafra


    The market was a beehive of activities. It was not unusual. Life was always a hurry. I was in no hurry myself; as usual I was alone in my shell,…

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  • Photo of Rant 002 (Salvation or Redemption)

    Rant 002 (Salvation or Redemption)

    Premonition, destruction, desperation—were what we felt when our pastor started his sermon by asking his interpreter to unmount the podium, and leave the pulpit. It was a show of unintended…

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  • Photo of Keeping Sanity

    Keeping Sanity

    “You won’t understand, Papa,” Ugochi said as she turned back to the window and watched the little boys in the compound wearing nothing but pants play ball. “Understand what? What…

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  • Photo of The Abule Ado Conflagration

    The Abule Ado Conflagration

    If you spoke with Uche, you’d feel what I feel right now. My heart is racing, his head is aching, our feet are trembling. The news threw us into bewilderment.…

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  • Photo of A Taste of Africa

    A Taste of Africa

    It was a refreshing morning. As always, the morning breeze blew through my open window, the dust, the scent of wet sand embedded on my nostrils, the ray of the…

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  • Photo of I Still Wear This Body

    I Still Wear This Body

    On that fateful day, a Wednesday afternoon, I woke up to the cries and wailings of people. Totally confused, I asked the house maid that was living with us (since…

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  • Photo of Welcome to KWASU

    Welcome to KWASU

    I had turned away from the mirror, rolling my eyes for the umpteenth time. “What about this?” My roommate who was then a 200 level student had eyed the fifth…

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  • Photo of Borno (A Tale of a Nigerian Soldier)

    Borno (A Tale of a Nigerian Soldier)

    On Friday 23rd September, 2011, I came back home from work after our weekly Padre hour, from where we got permission from our commanding officer to close for the day.…

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  • Photo of His Last Words

    His Last Words

    Father was not the talking type but those little times he talked to us were so precious to us. This was because they always carried weight. They were words of…

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  • Photo of My Nightly Visitor

    My Nightly Visitor

    It is expected that parents should live exemplary lives for their children, but in my house, the opposite was the case. There was never a day we had peace, you…

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  • Photo of Occupational Hazard

    Occupational Hazard

    She had intentionally stuck to the end of the line, oftentimes allowing other people who joined the queue to get in front of her. She wanted to be the last…

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  • Photo of Father to Son: Understanding Purpose

    Father to Son: Understanding Purpose

    Once upon a time there lived a very wise man, he was the mayor of a local village. Everyone respected him and his views and opinions were well regarded. Many…

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