African Stories

  • Photo of Strings of Love

    Strings of Love

    “Arlea, the laundries are waiting.” “Arlea, be quick, you need to do some grocery shopping.” “Arlea, I can’t find my gold necklace.” “Arlea, my throat is hurting me, it’s dry.”…

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  • Photo of The Lady Next Door

    The Lady Next Door

    The setting of my story is in the hinterland of Tanzania, in a village bordered by two large booming markets, and heavily endowed with arable crops and vegetation. I, like…

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  • Photo of The Healer

    The Healer

    Mmachi is catapulted into the intrigues of a world that threatens her life, and shatters her heart. Marooned and amid danger, passion and violence, Mmachi learns that her only chance…

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  • Photo of Plain


    “Goodnight dear, I really enjoyed myself,” you said and smiled. He leaned in and your heart beat around wildly, he came closer still and your heart sang. Then, he pecked…

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  • Photo of The Prodigal Mother

    The Prodigal Mother

    As Onyinye came out of the airport, she inhaled the familiar Lagos air, and became ambivalent about coming back home after almost seven years in the US. On one hand,…

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  • Photo of Dead Doctor

    Dead Doctor

    It was a plan to take over the hospital. They had everything planned to the last detail. And everything would have gone according to plan, till the nosy doctor found…

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  • Photo of Pleasure & Pain

    Pleasure & Pain

    Ben, a lively Engineering student meets Anita, a stunningly beautiful girl, and almost instantly falls in love with her. Being the type that believed in going for what you want,…

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  • Photo of Chained To A Heart

    Chained To A Heart

    I stared at her, almost unblinking for a full thirteen minutes before her eyelids fluttered open. She was still groggy from the drug-induced sleep she was waking up from; and…

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  • Photo of Yesterday


    It was like yesterday, getting prepared to leave Orire township to begin a new life in the university, when Mama who had try all she could for me to dry…

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  • Photo of Too Late

    Too Late

    She was sitting before me and her hands were resting on the desk. Her hair, long and wavy, cascaded down to her back in a gentle aura. “It’s positive,” the…

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  • Photo of Do Otherwise

    Do Otherwise

    There were two friends, Micheal and Samuel. They were really close for a while. They both loved each other like friends would but something was wrong. Samuel was girly and…

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  • Photo of Twisted Fate

    Twisted Fate

    Afeez, a young and bubbling Nigerian student, meets Zainab, a beautiful, quiet and intelligent girl. Almost instantly, their attraction for each other sweeps them off their feet and they are…

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  • Photo of Shut Nose

    Shut Nose

    “You compromise of calamity! Your bald head has brought evil into our land. Our eyes are blind to see the nemesis betwixt us, our noses are shut to smell the…

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  • Photo of I Am

    I Am

    Three hours came and past, Obiajulu was still lying on a wooden bench behind the counter of a police station. The two police officers guarding him hadn’t received any instruction…

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  • Photo of Heartshaker


    Ugochi is not your regular sex worker; she caters to the needs of very rich and influential clients. And her lifestyle shows that her hard work pays off. So when…

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  • Photo of You’re The Next!

    You’re The Next!

    “Ah! So you killed mama?” Mara screamed out loud, pouring down tears like a lake of falling, sorrowful waters, she buried her head down to the earth, striking her lap…

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  • Photo of Freaky Christmas

    Freaky Christmas

    Ademidunsola’s POV A continuous irritating beeping sound interrupted my sweet sleep. The silly alarm. I groaned in frustration as I rolled on my side to press the snooze button and…

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  • Photo of Prophet of Love

    Prophet of Love

    “Huh? You mean Ife is inside? Help me call her, please,” I said in excitement. She walked outside, and took a seat. “Ife, I’ve been longing to see you for…

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  • Photo of What If…?

    What If…?

    I got home feeling more terrified, I quickly bolted the door, sat down miserably as I began to recall everything that has happened. I went to the clinic for a…

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  • Photo of Secrets


    As the camera clicked away, my forced smile never left my face. It was that time of the year again; the time when I get to soak my pillow with…

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