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  • Photo of My Dark Years

    My Dark Years

    The sound of blasting bombs and shells exploding from mortars far away scared me as I sat down at a corner of the dilapidated primary school building which I was…

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  • Photo of Ozoemezina


    “Mama.” She looked at me, her eyes were red and weary. “Why are we running away from home?” “Because they are fighting.” “Who is fighting?” “Our people and others.” I…

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  • Photo of Sometime in 1966

    Sometime in 1966

    Slowly the sun descended down the slope flowing across the earth like a molten lead. The clouds were gathering into a long ash grey pool, ringed with little islands shadowed…

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  • Photo of Returned Home

    Returned Home

    As Chizoba walked into his father’s compound, he was consumed with the nostalgia of what his life had been like before the war. He stared intently at his father’s obi…

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  • Photo of Last Whisper

    Last Whisper

    “This cold is going to kill me even before mummy does so,” Karaye mumbled to himself as he rubbed his feet with the other to soften the merciless bite of…

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  • Photo of Kingdom Without Borders

    Kingdom Without Borders

    The two burly guards carried the short, squat man between them, and I watched with interest as his legs dangled in the air. It was a comic show, the man…

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  • Photo of Looking Beyond the Tags

    Looking Beyond the Tags

    I stared into the depths of her soul through her eyes; they were the colour of her luscious lips—black, with a tinge of brown at the edges. She held my…

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  • Photo of The Healer

    The Healer

    Mmachi is catapulted into the intrigues of a world that threatens her life, and shatters her heart. Marooned and amid danger, passion and violence, Mmachi learns that her only chance…

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  • Photo of Haul To Slavery

    Haul To Slavery

    It was on an Affor day. The younger men were getting ready for the wrestling contest, the maidens stood by the corner on the last rehearsal of the maiden dance,…

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  • Photo of Christmas In Biafra

    Christmas In Biafra

    The night was without life. It was dead cold, the trees and shrubs stood still. Our feet and skin were cracked and ashy. We were caked in dust and grime.…

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  • Photo of Periwinkles of Cadaver

    Periwinkles of Cadaver

    A new dawn crept rather unusually in Udumala tribe of Western Africa. A gust of cold wind blustered upon wooden doors. They creaked and stood ajar, as mosquitoes buzzed out,…

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  • Photo of Timbers


    The remote village of Ezeke was renowned for its sacred laws and ethics. Every atrocity was punishable by ostracization, except infidelity. That particular evening was serene, the trees swayed their…

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  • Photo of A History Class

    A History Class

    I beamed smiles as I entered the class. The students were already seated, waiting eagerly for what I was about to reveal to them. I’d warned them that anyone who…

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  • Photo of Holy Water

    Holy Water

    Northern Tanzania, 1909. “Maji! Maji!! Kill the Germans!” These were the chants of a large group of warriors of the Nehenge tribe of Northern Tanzania as they marched through the…

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  • Photo of The False Alarm

    The False Alarm

    DISCLAIMER This story is based on true historical facts, but some names and events have been edited to suit the writer’s interest. For more clarification, interested persons should contact the…

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  • Photo of The Ikperamah Festival

    The Ikperamah Festival

    The evening was filled with the aroma coming out from different soup pots from different compounds. The pestle beating the helpless yam against the mortal produced a rhythm which could…

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  • Photo of The Kingship

    The Kingship

    In Ogon Kingdom reigned King Edion VI. He usurped the throne after the death of his father, King Edion V. The late King gave up the ghost due to a…

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  • Photo of The Freedom Oath

    The Freedom Oath

    “Captain Winston. You can’t do that. Toss them overboard? I cannot wrap my head around this cruelty. I understand the loads on the ship is too much, but we can…

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  • Photo of The Language of Pain

    The Language of Pain

    Grandpa in his bickering lips and shaky staggering legs summoned our attention. “I will pass the story of our people unto you before I die,” he said. “For it’s our…

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  • Photo of Rains in Okobi

    Rains in Okobi

    Okobi, 2003 “What brings you here?” Dibia Njo asked sternly. His puffy eyes shone fixedly at me as I fidgeted there at the entrance. Priests that head shrines are known…

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