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  • Photo of The Red-Haired Witch

    The Red-Haired Witch

    In the evil witches’ council, a red-haired witch with green eyes is believed to be a curse and also considered an abomination. In 1525, Imani the last red-haired witch went…

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  • Photo of Blossom Lius and the Three Friendly Yies

    Blossom Lius and the Three Friendly Yies

    Once upon a time there was a brave girl called Blossom Lius. She was on the way to see her Aunt Tito Lio, when she decided to take a shortcut…

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  • Photo of The Traveller

    The Traveller

    “Barrow, also known as Utqiaġvik, a city in northern Alaska is the only place in the world that experiences 67 days of darkness yearly,” father was saying when suddenly, with…

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  • Photo of Belly Buttons

    Belly Buttons

    Nemat lived in a city called Intestine, a city made of food and water. The people of Intestine were colonizers of a more complex country called Belly Button: the home…

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  • Photo of Fountain Falls

    Fountain Falls

    Her family’s Book of Spells has been lost. To retrieve it, she has to go into the territory of the enemy—and she was enrolled into a school of magic. But…

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  • Photo of Fuji Clan

    Fuji Clan

    My people lived in a faraway land of the western part of Africa, we shared boundaries with other African countries that never knew we existed. On few occasions we had…

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  • Photo of A Wish

    A Wish

    Every thousand years, a special mermaid is born. Ephyra happens to be the special mermaid born with special powers. She is the only daughter of the ocean’s most powerful merleader…

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  • Photo of New Beginning

    New Beginning

    If he pressed an inch further, the thin silver sword was sure to prick her smooth rosy cheek. His eyes bore deeply into the Princess’. A wicked smile lit his…

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  • Photo of Starry Hope

    Starry Hope

    “Do you think things will ever get better?” she echoed, her eyes flickered to him for a second then back at the scenery ahead. The hill gave a wide view…

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  • Photo of One and Only Kiss

    One and Only Kiss

    Owen was born mute, and the prophecy was that he can only speak when he gets his first kiss from his one true love. Mary is a girl who fascinated…

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  • Photo of The Chase

    The Chase

    The forest ground shook as the metals hit the floor. Pounding of horse hooves could be heard in a distance, followed by something else—something big and monstrous. This made the…

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  • Photo of The Tribe

    The Tribe

    Pulling tightly on the reins, he came to a stop. He hopped off his horse, knelt down to check the ground; there were hoof prints and this was good. Judging…

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  • Photo of The Chronicles of Orimiri and Other Stories

    The Chronicles of Orimiri and Other Stories

    This book is both a short story collection and a poetry collection. It contains amazing stories that touch a wide range of topics, from Igbo mythology, to Nigerian educational system.…

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  • Photo of Raqueila (Episode Fourteen)

    Raqueila (Episode Fourteen)

    Continued from the last part… Raquelia’s POV We came back home two days ago, I’ve been practicing endlessly. I went to Uncle Marion’s gym to learn how to lift weights…

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  • Photo of My Silvery Hair (Episode Twelve)

    My Silvery Hair (Episode Twelve)

    Continued from the last part… Prianca’s POV “Do you believe me now?” I asked grinning at their amazed faces. Yap,” Eva replied, nodding. I looked at Gabriel who seemed to…

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  • Photo of Crashing Waves

    Crashing Waves

    Even after four years, I still come here. The reason is obvious though. It was here that I met her; it was on a cool evening, and I’d just had…

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  • Photo of Raqueila (Episode Thirteen)

    Raqueila (Episode Thirteen)

    Continued from the last part… Raquelia’s POV We had to stay in camp while the driver found a way to get us home. We were too scared already to be…

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  • Photo of Her Soul Mate

    Her Soul Mate

    Peeping out of the window, it was still drizzling rather annoyingly. She walked back to the bed and settled her ass on it, she must have waited there forever. Diva…

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