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  • Photo of Broken


    Let me tell you a story Before it tells itself I’m not a regular boy But I try to be myself I’ve had expectations But they’ve gone wrong I’ve tried…

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  • Photo of Growing Old

    Growing Old

    I walked on this tired path, Too young to feel it’s weariness. I was full of energy, Young and strong. A young busy bee with no worries. I ran the…

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  • Photo of P. O. E. T. R. Y

    P. O. E. T. R. Y

    Let’s go and change Surely not the change promised by the wolves in sheep’s clothing. Let’s go and change Surely not “chain” they hid in their change. Embrace me faster,…

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  • Photo of Ositadinma


    The road to truth is rough And when said it hurts But then, what prophecy can change this curse But we sing, bound in freedom, peace and unity And the…

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  • Photo of The Nigerian Youth

    The Nigerian Youth

    “Do you pledge to the green fields of the lands; to defend her honour….” Back up a second! Did you say honour? What honour lies when we are aimed in…

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  • Photo of The Sounds You Make

    The Sounds You Make

    SHRIEK “When the end comes, will you let out the last laugh? Or will your shriek echo through the plains of your generation?” The end… When it comes, there will…

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  • Photo of A Call Away from Suicide

    A Call Away from Suicide

    It’s been three weeks, five days, twelve hours, twenty minutes and this very second since I last called anyone except my mum and dad. Somehow I ended up borrowing more…

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  • Photo of Whispers of Leftover Wishes

    Whispers of Leftover Wishes

    As I drive my mind round the building I halted and took a walk to my record room. At the RIGHT unit, I found fulfilled promises, flowers, letters from true…

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  • Photo of Learning to Walk

    Learning to Walk

    I struggled to conceal the emotions that invaded me the moment he said he knew what I did at Tejuosho two days ago. What was mere surprise at his being…

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  • Photo of The Language of Pain

    The Language of Pain

    Grandpa in his bickering lips and shaky staggering legs summoned our attention. “I will pass the story of our people unto you before I die,” he said. “For it’s our…

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  • Photo of Letter to Every Youth

    Letter to Every Youth

    Dear Youths How is life, life you live lying to yourself that you will never get old? How is the curiosity that owned you? Has it been easy learning the…

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  • Photo of Africa Birthed Us

    Africa Birthed Us

    Africa birthed us With dark melanin And dark keratin To set us apart, make us stand out, Unique in our own way Africa birthed us With full breast and hips…

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  • Photo of Welcome to My Country

    Welcome to My Country

    Ugly beauty, wise fools, dead men walking, young men killing themselves, and old men sitting on the throne. Welcome to my country. Sad happiness, intelligent dullards, schools that force a…

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  • Photo of A Walk Down Memory Lane

    A Walk Down Memory Lane

    Despondent of Yesterday The road to today is not adorned with sunflowers and decorated dreams. We were whelped with no spoons in our mouths; merely our mouths ingesting our lean…

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  • Photo of Esther Have I Loved

    Esther Have I Loved

    Some called it sorcery They said I’m bewitched But it’s certain that something magical Creeps out of my heart When I look into her eyes She’s far different from Queen…

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  • Photo of Old Time Generation

    Old Time Generation

    Take me back to the old time generation when friends meant more to people than faked relationships. Bring back the times when “I love you” wasn’t on the lips. When…

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  • Photo of Every Girl Wants A Moon

    Every Girl Wants A Moon

    Two suns can’t rule the same sky Girls are suns that shine in style. And because they like to love and swoon, every girl wants a moon. Behind the successful…

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  • Photo of My Country

    My Country

    We sang at least “Twinkle twinkle little star” the days our hope were still at sight. Until the bloke with a black heart sat on the throne. He was the…

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  • Photo of How Tribalism Killed Love

    How Tribalism Killed Love

    How tribalism killed love Is no abstract picture Etched in tribal marks And narrated in the invisible, drawn line Between one people How tribalism killed love Is the vivid tale…

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  • Photo of Ashes


    My heart’s on fire, engulfed in flames Of love and desire, and you’re to blame All pleasure, no pain, I’ll run from the rain I’ll keep my heart sheltered, for…

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