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  • Photo of Iruka


    Iruka, I’ve seen the seven wonders of the world And have traveled with map To view the Tower of Babel But never have I imagined The Hanging Garden of Babylon.…

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  • Photo of Mercy


    The son will never forgive When his deeds upset his father And when there’s a cry for relief The snake crawls in to see another murder Pray your seeds seek…

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  • Photo of Rain


    First with the high voice! The master roars in with firmness, Pulsing fears to mother earth, And to the light flying in with a cracked garment. How beautiful is rain?…

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  • Photo of Pen Knives

    Pen Knives

    As scorpions that sting the venom of pain into the bloodstream of our faith. As serpents that choke the will to succeed out of the fragile bones of our being.…

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  • Photo of Fountain Falls

    Fountain Falls

    Her family’s Book of Spells has been lost. To retrieve it, she has to go into the territory of the enemy—and she was enrolled into a school of magic. But…

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  • Photo of Marriage in a Flash

    Marriage in a Flash

    Across the table she looked at me from time to time, making me to feel so self conscious that I did not even know what the food tasted like. I…

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  • Photo of Cast


    He shook as he knelt on the crusty ground. Sharp pebbles jabbing into his knees were the cause of his whimper but the eruption of noise from the crowd had…

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  • Photo of To the Aremu of My Youth

    To the Aremu of My Youth

    Ife mi, I write again for the umpteenth time, from this place of brokenness which you have made my permanent abode. Today, I wore my black tank top and short…

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  • Photo of Joys of Childhood

    Joys of Childhood

    When reminiscences wakes us up from slumber, It awakens the nostalgic feelings of our childhood days, Can we ever forget the joyous days? Days when we chase flies that ran…

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  • Photo of The Poet

    The Poet

    In the dead of the night In the darkness that lights up the skies In the silence of the lambs That’s when I see him In the eye of the…

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  • Photo of The Night Stalker

    The Night Stalker

    The persistent tears of his victims The piercing shrieks of their helplessness The blood gushing out from their bitten throats The pains daring to destroy their souls The tabloids called…

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  • Photo of Ink Reincarnation

    Ink Reincarnation

    My pen has been reborn In flames of colours. They burn, And the air does justice to the ashes Of my paper flakes. My pen has been seen In another…

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  • Photo of Between


    her fingers dug into his back like needle through fabric, such intense pleasure tainted by pain. pleasure, pain, individual yet intertwined like fiber interwoven to form thread they adorn the…

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  • Photo of The Job

    The Job

    There were four business partners named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody. There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody will do it. Anybody could…

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  • Photo of The Will to Love

    The Will to Love

    The old man held my hand with surprising strength. I wanted to pry my hand of his, but he didn’t budge. I did not want to create a further scene…

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  • Photo of Evened…?


    Everything in me screamed and waved the red flag at my decision. I shouldn’t do this, I really shouldn’t! But I’ve already made the call, and I’m pretty sure he’s…

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  • Photo of Corona Era

    Corona Era

    A knock on the door pulled my attention from the movie I was watching. I knew without doubt that it was the cleaner. She always came by this time. I…

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  • Photo of I’m With You Till The End

    I’m With You Till The End

    Come my child, I’m with you in the wild. Though the lions roar on every side, and your heart is tossed far and wide. Though the hyena laughs at you…

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  • Photo of When Did Our Love Become a Ghost?

    When Did Our Love Become a Ghost?

    Loneliness has become my daunting host. It’s laughing and exposing crooked teeth Now I’m seething. It warned me against you, To cherish my own company and share it with no…

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  • Photo of Love


    Love like a crimson field of littered corpses of rivals Angels avenging affection with jealously observant eyes As like Capulet and Montague Men growing careless of their charge Cry and…

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