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  • Photo of Don’t Trust These Hijab Girls

    Don’t Trust These Hijab Girls

    She who covereth her sins shall perish, Like a beautiful blemish that had to terribly tarnish. The truth of the guise is that there’s no truth in their guise, Of…

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  • Photo of Taste Buds

    Taste Buds

    Oh sweet fruity smell! ready but none to sell. Luscious honey well, held my taste buds with a spell. None but me wanted sweet, alluring taste and sumptuous beet. Like…

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  • Photo of Vain Illusion

    Vain Illusion

    I created a picture Of you in my head. You are the mirror, I am the replica. In my dreams, You keep appearing. In our home, You sit on the…

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  • Photo of Annie’s Soliloquy

    Annie’s Soliloquy

    Again. I am caught in between the anvil and the hammer. The first sentence–scratch it–I am caught in between the devil and the blue sea. Journeying in life has its…

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  • Photo of Call for Peace

    Call for Peace

    Each day passes With people of class Mashing those that Can’t move close to their class Without obtaining a pass. Each day is marked With hues of black. The street…

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  • Photo of A Selfless King

    A Selfless King

    PART 1: THE MEETING It was a usual lecture day, In the University of Port Harcourt Students had ghoulish eyes —boredom stained lenses The air was dry as the stench…

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  • Photo of My First Love

    My First Love

    My heart was once closed with keys and padlocks, My soul was once behind curtains and veils of protection, My words were quiet as a deaf blonde child and they…

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  • Photo of Memories


    Memory is gold, crystal clear like Ultra-violet ray from the solar system, Leaving the scar of yesterday in my skin like a tattoo. Your nomenclature keeps ringing the pendulum bell…

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  • Photo of The Red-Haired Witch

    The Red-Haired Witch

    In the evil witches’ council, a red-haired witch with green eyes is believed to be a curse and also considered an abomination. In 1525, Imani the last red-haired witch went…

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  • Photo of These Girls That Can’t Cook

    These Girls That Can’t Cook

    Let us discuss this course And this evil evil that once was And still is. ‘She’ is stigmatized and humiliated For not knowing the recipe of a good meal, But…

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  • Photo of What Drives A Man

    What Drives A Man

    What drives a man? she asked Is it the fear of a miserable and pathetic life of poverty, The shame of failure and pains of dreams that crashed? Maybe it’s…

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  • Photo of Tell That Man

    Tell That Man

    Your suit suits you well, Sooted by blood and souls that can never be soothed. Mr. Pot Belly, what is cooking inside of you, more concoctions to appease the god…

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  • Photo of Let’s Talk

    Let’s Talk

    Let’s talk about the sleeping souls The ones that sang us odes Let’s search their houses Their hearts, trousers and blouses How’s life out there in the open Where spirits…

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  • Photo of A Swing

    A Swing

    I wish I can swing all life long… I wish I can swing my thoughts and pain… I wish the swing will hear me and say, “Hey! Come let me…

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  • Photo of The Special Stranger at Green Way

    The Special Stranger at Green Way

    One day at a pet shop, I met a man selling cats, For money he wanted to swap, But I really wanted some bats. “Got any bats?” asked I. “For…

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  • Photo of Ring the Alarm

    Ring the Alarm

    Today, I got to know that Rings might not seal the heart But just steal the art of beautifying. Wearer of the ring Which the ring bearer once bore, Why…

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  • Photo of The World

    The World

    The world’s a market place Tough, hard to face Stay without His grace We stumble and miss our pace Everyone came to trade and go Some with machete and hoe…

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  • Photo of Just Keep It Coming

    Just Keep It Coming

    The wave of passion, the heat of hard work, the streams of creativity, the tide of discipline, the fire of love, the eyes of criticism, the hands of mistakes, the…

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