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  • Photo of Dystopia


    Father said anytime I lift my hands to pray, I shouldn’t forget to atone for the sins of the shadow that makes our house a nightmare before the dawn of…

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  • Photo of Praise That Has Base

    Praise That Has Base

    Hands on deck; Fangs close to neck. Tempest in teapot; Life turns to seesaw. Life offers death in different hues, yet I move. I ought to rock like my mates…

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  • Photo of The Matchmaking

    The Matchmaking

    Akudo walked out of the house and into the compound. He wasn’t ugly, no, she had far exceeded that title. Despite all her mother’s effort on encouraging her to wear…

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  • Photo of The Wrong Person

    The Wrong Person

    “Just look at how unarranged your room looks, I’ve told you that I don’t like it when you let your room look this way,” I said with feigned exasperation. There…

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  • Photo of Waterdrops


    Weeps in silence Under the drops from a broken bamboo As the cold breeze touched… ‘L’ is for the laughter enslaved by the chains of heartbreaks, Laments and cries under…

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  • Photo of Burning Blue Ball

    Burning Blue Ball

    Intergalactic combustion, the earth is on fire. Emitting radiant heat, with no coolant found. “It is greenhouse,” said nature’s freak. “I’m filled with carbon dioxide” the environment finally speaks. Raped…

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  • Photo of Hard Drive

    Hard Drive

    All your invectives, I store; Not because I want to cry As I remember them but because Stores house rags that dry floors Till they become lucent and sparkling. The…

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  • Photo of The Truth About Everything

    The Truth About Everything

    The wages of hard work is lost youth They lied about everything There is nothing like a fat bone The patient dog will die of hunger The reward for honesty…

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  • Photo of Terror’s Edge

    Terror’s Edge

    The authoritative allocation of value is politics. Even democrats fails when the wise doesn’t choose their antics, “We live in a society where pizza gets to your house before police”…

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  • Photo of I’m Your Miracle

    I’m Your Miracle

    Do you remember When your world was in monochrome And defined only by gloom and tears Then I came with rainbows With glimmers And with glitters How could you forget…

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  • Photo of Our Father’s House

    Our Father’s House

    Farther than our father’s’ fathers’ house Was to us, were details of the tales We knew nothing about. He calls our mom ‘Mama Chuka‘, And we wonder what He called…

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  • Photo of Dear Ex

    Dear Ex

    Did I tell you? That I secretly admire you That beautiful smile of yours like the birds That I did admire those dark lushes of lashes Blinking at me like…

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  • Photo of Her Visit

    Her Visit

    “I will be here forever,” were the words I saw this morning. On the couch, the bed and on the toilet walls. It was boldly written with a red color.…

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  • Photo of There She Goes Again: Sinister Evil

    There She Goes Again: Sinister Evil

    There she goes again. I watch her every time, Every time she falls in love, Love that would never last. Last spring there was Jimmy. Jimmy told her he needed…

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  • Photo of Anyanwụ


    He calls me anyanwụ, not because I am the sun Nor is it because I was born on a Sunday But because I am like the gong that split the…

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  • Photo of You, Me, Us, We

    You, Me, Us, We

    You With burning flame the oxygen. You. Me filled with life anew, from knowing you. Me. Us a thing to learn from the dream life. Us. We will remain forever…

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  • Photo of Home Coming

    Home Coming

    Have been away for 12 months From the people I call my own To the land I can’t call my own But I have to live with them Mingle with…

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  • Photo of Emotions


    Eyes shine with unshed tears Feeling hurt and sad Heart beat with untold fears A moment of peace not had What crime did I commit? That a sigh of relief…

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  • Photo of Man


    Wonderful just like the Ogbunike cave As holy as Jesus Christ Righteous like Prophet Muhammed Protective just like Olumo rock Beautiful like the Owu Falls Accommodating like the Idanre Hill…

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  • Photo of Heart of Darkness

    Heart of Darkness

    Stifled voices. Suppressed whistling— No more calls to alert. Night calls with a fall. Dimmed torches That no one else can touch Than the comrades that once Led us past…

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