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  • Photo of The Business of the Apocalypse

    The Business of the Apocalypse

    This story, and the events in it, is purely fiction. I sat in my underground office, reading the now-trending post on Twitter. A pleasant smile tugged at the corners of…

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  • Photo of A World of Downs

    A World of Downs

    Mum birthed me But seems to be the one killing me She addresses me negatively Like a baggage of Lucifer’s woes Not knowing this kills internally What do I know…

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  • Photo of What You See Isn’t Everything

    What You See Isn’t Everything

    Dear Jomiloju, The first time I asked mom what love is, the jubilant smile she wore slowly waned, and her hands scribbled what I presumed to be dad’s handwriting. So…

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  • Photo of Roonac Rivus

    Roonac Rivus

    We heard tales about you How you ravaged the Far East The dread you dealt, we had little clue Yet you grew on our minds like floor and yeast You…

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  • Photo of The Incarnated Muse

    The Incarnated Muse

    Like a prisoner sentenced to death, awaiting his exit from a world that has been a misery to her So was I A prisoner in all ramifications but without metal…

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  • Photo of Incomplete Life

    Incomplete Life

    I I’ve built walls higher than China’s great wall But this emptiness I feel now, for it there are no words I’ve always felt like running away and hiding somewhere…

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  • Photo of Frenemies


    We’re friends; We’re staggering butterflies Moving time forward and backward In nebulous aspirations and dreams. The tree of our memory Has crossed the fence of time To hang on our…

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  • Photo of The African Beauty (Part One)

    The African Beauty (Part One)

    Do you have an idea of the pain it brings? Of course you are only interested in the pleasure it gives. The prayers for a new born baby. May she…

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  • Photo of Jealousy


    It will be five full moons tomorrow, And your absence in my world Still makes me bleed in heart. It wasn’t deliberate of me To let you go. Regret still…

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  • Photo of Be Long Where You Belong

    Be Long Where You Belong

    Of what use is a clock without an hour or second to work with, Or a first without a second and a length without a breadth. Of what service is…

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  • Photo of My Nature

    My Nature

    I hate for you to see the monster in me I hate you see the demons that hold me down It hurts when my worst is revealed When I am…

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  • Photo of Warmth


    Hey, It’s winter, Through the cold nights Existing in my world of impossibilities, I lived as though it was my home, And you as my flatmate. We had a well…

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  • Photo of The Night’s Awake

    The Night’s Awake

    The night’s awake! A sleep of the sunlight and its rays, shadows rising from the west. Then, higher, higher, O’er all the sky so dark, forlorn, The spec of dusk…

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  • Photo of What Is Love?

    What Is Love?

    Is it the quickie beneath the shaded mango tree? Is it the random kisses when words fail to express? Is it the several entanglements on our bed of love, When…

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  • Photo of Àdédoyin, Let’s Fall In Love Again

    Àdédoyin, Let’s Fall In Love Again

    Àdédoyin, Oyin Adé, Aláwo dúdú—_ Omo iy’oni garri… I know. I broke your heart, And it affected our art… Àdédoyin, let’s fall in love again. I am no longer the…

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  • Photo of Poet’s Path

    Poet’s Path

    Knock before you enter my room Because it is scattered with papers at all time But don’t be angry That’s how poets do If you see me scratching my head…

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  • Photo of I’m Not A Poet

    I’m Not A Poet

    I’m not a poet, I’m so pained to be one. I’m not a poet Because poetry is a religion. I’m not a poet When I traveled six feet To resurrect…

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  • Photo of How To Paint A Boy

    How To Paint A Boy

    The Image of a Boy Light. Mashed charcoal on empty slate— Water and stick— Pencil or brush— Stir… Paint his head like a watermelon with hair— Housing memories of loss…

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  • Photo of Hidden Secret

    Hidden Secret

    Hidden secret now revealed There’s nothing to take back This train is heading off the track All my colors turn to black Hidden secret now revealed This hurts more than…

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  • Photo of Blocked


    I’m shut within myself Thoughts escaping From my mind But my hand could take a tour A tour to the world of words And make my thoughts words Words to…

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