Crime and Intrigue Stories

  • Photo of Allahumdulilah


    Yusuf looked at his father with disbelief in his eyes. His mother had just died, and all his father could say was Allahumdulilah. Allahumdulilah? “You have got to be kidding…

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  • Photo of The Revenge

    The Revenge

    I write from the prison. The dead body was found in my room. Yes. I know whose body was seen. The chubby body was my friend’s. My friend that trusted…

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  • Photo of The Dark Side of Love

    The Dark Side of Love

    Ava tapped her nails impatiently on the broad, brown mahogany desk. She cared less if her continuous taps would chip her glossy, bright red nails or scar the polished desk;…

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  • Photo of Besides The Dim Light

    Besides The Dim Light

    A light was in the room when I entered. Although it was rather very dim, making the room somehow dark, except for its low light, which overshadowed the room, giving…

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  • Photo of Black Love

    Black Love

    Early in the morning we’d already set out to go to our cooking stand, I and my mother. We were hoping the food would be enough for the customers. “Ama,…

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  • Photo of Tania’s Episode

    Tania’s Episode

    She was flushing away time in her room at the apartment that sheltered her after returning from the holiday she went for in Abuja. She started living all alone when…

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  • Photo of The Prey

    The Prey

    “I want your body,” he whispered. I smiled. And walked up to him. “Which do you want? My body or my soul?” He was startled. He was confused. “What do…

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  • Photo of The 8th Commandment

    The 8th Commandment

    She was jolted awake by the incessant ringing of her Samsung phone. In her state of sleep deprivation, she had to quell the urge to fling the phone at the…

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  • Photo of Dead Doctor

    Dead Doctor

    It was a plan to take over the hospital. They had everything planned to the last detail. And everything would have gone according to plan, till the nosy doctor found…

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  • Photo of You’re The Next!

    You’re The Next!

    “Ah! So you killed mama?” Mara screamed out loud, pouring down tears like a lake of falling, sorrowful waters, she buried her head down to the earth, striking her lap…

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  • Photo of Abused


    Mum left him. She left me too. He was cruel to her. He didn’t want her close. She left, and never came back. Not considering what I had in mind.…

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  • Photo of Solve This

    Solve This

    In the slowly progressive town of Igbo Ukwu where Chukwuma Maduewe was the town’s reputable officer, a crime of the most strongest nature occurred. Chukwuma had attended the police academy…

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  • Photo of The Sins of the Son

    The Sins of the Son

    My father. Everything I have achieved had been because of him; and for him too. That was what he did too, he sacrificed everything for me. He sacrificed the rest…

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  • Photo of You Can Call Me Death

    You Can Call Me Death

    Two days ago… He moved silently, making sure that no one noticed him. His target was a few feet away from him, speaking boisterously into the microphone. He knew that…

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  • Photo of The Past Is Not A Good Place To Live

    The Past Is Not A Good Place To Live

    Four years had passed since she left school. And she’d thought that anything she had with him was over. But as she stared at the WhatsApp message from the unknown…

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  • Photo of A Deadly Dance

    A Deadly Dance

    Witnessing blood spurt from Rainbow’s neck, drenching the thickset rug he lay on, Raze felt a sudden pull to shit and vomit at the same time. He hurried to where…

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  • Photo of Abomination


    READERS DISCRETION IS ADVISED, CONTENTS MIGHT BE UPSETTING AND OBSCENE. READ WITH CAUTION AND ENJOY ============================== You think we are the villains but we aren’t, we are only ridding the…

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  • Photo of Old Habits Die Hard

    Old Habits Die Hard

    I forced myself to roll off her, making smacking sounds with my lips as I relived the past five minutes. It was indeed pleasurable. I glanced at her; she lay…

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  • Photo of Plain Yellow (Part 2)

    Plain Yellow (Part 2)

    Continued from the last part… She decided to damn the world. “Are you sure you are ready for this, you can have more time if you want?” The woman from…

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  • Photo of Breaking News

    Breaking News

    What do they say about writers that commit suicide? I have a story. Amidst the trials of the world, insincerity has become the watchword. If you must eat good food,…

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