Who Is The Victim?

May 19, 2020 Felix 0

We’re not victims Even though our necks Are tied to facts That were fanged By the rootless predator. We’re not victims When our farmlands Are razed off with famine And [Read more… ]


May 10, 2020 Felix 0

Dear Mother Earth, Have you slept Or seen peace Within walls of your chamber? Can I clean your windows For the invisible hand To write peace On their reflecting glory? [Read more… ]


May 9, 2020 Felix 0

Seasoned on our lips And in the imageries That crafted beauty In the soul of sight Is Agbomma. The droplet of light Follows the path The ebony planted On an [Read more… ]

Before I Die; Read

May 6, 2020 Felix 0

I emptied every street Within the jurisdiction Of my heart. I’ve sang into the sky With the skylark And lettered Each note Your hairs. Dreams are perpendicular thoughts And realities [Read more… ]

Nailed to Tradition

May 4, 2020 Felix 0

Nna, I have held The fortified city Beautifully balled on the chest That wears the mermaid beauty. I’m a victim of this tradition: I’m an outcast Singing the beauty of [Read more… ]

Days Are Not Dazed

May 2, 2020 Felix 0

I’ve heard the endless Possessing sound of ikoro: I’ve seen spirits Crowd the markets of Nkwo. Days are not dazed With deities mounting up The seats of Africa; It’s just [Read more… ]

Awaiting Lightsout

April 30, 2020 Felix 0

We’re more than a shred Fallen from an iroko. In where we’re left To suck the suckles Of nipped succulent nature, Sucking beauty off From creation As a tizzy suckling; [Read more… ]

It Drummed Doom

April 23, 2020 Felix 0

We’re bothered; Our borders are filled up With masquerades. They’re not friendly And their eyes Are fired up with revenge. Our fathers Have drummed doom To doom our already doomed [Read more… ]

Mocking the Light

April 19, 2020 Felix 0

When you find God Boldly written on a black skin Full of effulgence and gorgeousness; Sing your silence for the darkest part Of human creation. When you find a black [Read more… ]

Social Distance

April 14, 2020 Felix 0

This love is an oxymoron That has held me thinking On why I should be socially distant From the ones so dear to me. This life is ironic When I [Read more… ]


April 1, 2020 Felix 0

We’re friends; We’re staggering butterflies Moving time forward and backward In nebulous aspirations and dreams. The tree of our memory Has crossed the fence of time To hang on our [Read more… ]

I’m Not A Poet

March 31, 2020 Felix 0

I’m not a poet, I’m so pained to be one. I’m not a poet Because poetry is a religion. I’m not a poet When I traveled six feet To resurrect [Read more… ]


March 29, 2020 Felix 0

Published after death Are antiques crafted From the jewels of our souls. When hues of culture Ravish on our uncultured identity To mock our cultural shards; The ashes of our [Read more… ]


March 28, 2020 Felix 0

Our love has been tested And found counting clusters Of galactic days Dazing from restless roof Made of raffia. Our birthrights have been dumped On the sand thorny bushes Designed [Read more… ]

Temple of Tranquility

March 27, 2020 Felix 0

All cultures leave on landscape With splashing songs The beautiful breath Touching the rivers, The boisterous populace And the animals. All rituals are scented With the communion of needs Hanging [Read more… ]

When Motherhood Fades by Felix on ZenPens

When Motherhood Fades

March 24, 2020 Felix 0

When our heels are on hills And children outnumbering The stars voicing through rays To twinkle off joys of motherhood; The kitchen is deified With the aromatic Smell of love. [Read more… ]

Nkwọdịmma by Felix on ZenPens


March 18, 2020 Felix 0

Your breath is the cool company Breezed by your nostrils Into my habitat For fantasy. Nkwọdịmma, Stars are read From each cowry That chronicled your firmament. Astrologers lost vision When [Read more… ]

Our Island by Felix on ZenPens

Our Island

March 5, 2020 Felix 0

Cry if you can, There’s an empty drum To house your oceanic tears That falls like rainfall In the heart of harmattan. Our wines have been infested By those who [Read more… ]

Betrayal by Felix on ZenPens


March 3, 2020 Felix 0

I came to the mouth of the river With a spade, a knife and you To stare at the boats Quivering at the silent walk of water Journeying friendship into [Read more… ]

Iruka by Felix on ZenPens


February 11, 2020 Felix 0

Iruka, I’ve seen the seven wonders of the world And have traveled with map To view the Tower of Babel But never have I imagined The Hanging Garden of Babylon. [Read more… ]