April 20, 2020 Prevail Excellent 1

She’s a wild flower, Beautiful, mysterious, Dangerous and tender. Her face is like pearls of the water That beautifies the sea bed She’s like the blue sea; Calm and alluring, [Read more… ]


April 13, 2020 Prevail Excellent 0

Crossed logs, tainted wood Torn body, bored palms Darkened sun, hushy crowds, Three men hung, one named Christ; Echoing shrieks, But for agony Could sound sweet: Today, thousands years ago. [Read more… ]


March 31, 2020 Prevail Excellent 0

He stole all the attention like a thief, Impeccably dressed, Tall and well built, He walked towards the bar With a charming smile She watched him glide, Sitting at the [Read more… ]

Desperate Times by Prevail Excellent on ZenPens

Desperate Times

February 26, 2020 Prevail Excellent 0

Desperate times calls for desperate measures Ingenious moments of crazy thoughts Shivering mountains the dragon loves Wuthering heights, the falcon hates Desperate measures calls for desperate decisions Times like this; [Read more… ]