April 15, 2020 Jane Bliss 0

Love, I see her always, She is everywhere. But then, I don’t see her always. She’s not always at places expected. She’s normal in abnormal. But then, she’s as normal [Read more… ]

Girl Child by Jane Bliss on ZenPens

Girl Child

February 25, 2020 Jane Bliss 0

I need you, Like the earth needs the sun. Do not turn your back on me. ‘Cause I’m tender and the world isn’t so merciful. Don’t leave me in the [Read more… ]

Lettered Petals

February 1, 2020 Jane Bliss 0

Thinking about the way you kissed, And The way your laughter gave me chills, There’s so much I really miss about you. Holding your vase, I can only feel your [Read more… ]

Purple Rose

Purple Rose

January 30, 2020 Jane Bliss 0

Eerie night, flashes from strangers He sits on a log, his tongue bridled He wonders why these flashes don’t find him He beckons on this light but it won’t find [Read more… ]



January 28, 2020 Jane Bliss 0

Yesterday, In my arms, I cuddled her meekness against the milky softness of my palm, my gentility caressing her fragility, until she gave in to sleep’s warm tempting embrace. In [Read more… ]

Dreaming Tomorrow

Dreaming Tomorrow

January 27, 2020 Jane Bliss 0

Sitting in the moonlight—stargazing, fingers locked, hearts intertwined. Peace is sitting in my heart, ’cause my space is filled with his— like I am reborn—I’m anew. We’re talking nonstop; my [Read more… ]