April 30, 2020 Gift Joseph 0

I’m sorry for all the pain I caused you even when you didn’t know what I looked like. I’m so sad that I did that to you, I can’t even [Read more… ]

He’s Gone

June 22, 2019 Gift Joseph 0

Of gross perversion of prayers An eclipse of want… A broken cathedral it begot. Me. The air…huge enveloping hum of revel it was… Only now…just now Only the flies would [Read more… ]

Our Enigmatic Banter

June 20, 2019 Gift Joseph 0

Her voice… like rhythmic water fall.
Fall. On sonorous pellets of my inert tongue
But my chest’s buzz it wakens.
Wakens. To drink from the poisonous bottle of deep thought..
Deep thought. Refusing the cloud a silver lining.