VIP Section

VIP Section

January 17, 2020 Irene Chy O. 0

I thought I knew enough about VIP sections, until I got into college. I had changed school to another which was in the same state my parents resided. It was [Read more… ]

The Bridge Across—ZenPens

The Bridge Across

November 13, 2019 Irene Chy O. 0

The university environment had assumed its serene nature since the exams commenced. Rooms hardly ever blared with loud music anymore, nor were fights witnessed between a lodge member and the [Read more… ]

Red Paints

September 20, 2019 Irene Chy O. 0

“You’re not supposed to be in grade six,” I repeated the second time with the resulting boisterous laughter among my classmates. “Wait, what?” I watched the bully knock his teeth [Read more… ]


September 11, 2019 Irene Chy O. 0

The remote village of Ezeke was renowned for its sacred laws and ethics. Every atrocity was punishable by ostracization, except infidelity. That particular evening was serene, the trees swayed their [Read more… ]

Rains in Okobi

August 4, 2019 Irene Chy O. 0

Okobi, 2003 “What brings you here?” Dibia Njo asked sternly. His puffy eyes shone fixedly at me as I fidgeted there at the entrance. Priests that head shrines are known [Read more… ]


July 4, 2019 Irene Chy O. 2

The sun was very close to its setting and the children were all back from gathering woods in the farm. From aside, I watched my seven younger ones move in [Read more… ]

Breaking News

June 30, 2019 Irene Chy O. 0

What do they say about writers that commit suicide? I have a story. Amidst the trials of the world, insincerity has become the watchword. If you must eat good food, [Read more… ]


June 29, 2019 Irene Chy O. 4

Theologians depict that the fear of the Almighty is the start of endowment in wisdom, but here in my little African home, it’s the fear of rodents. Distinct in Ratatouille [Read more… ]

Friday For Fathers

June 24, 2019 Irene Chy O. 4

Exactly fifteen minutes to midnight, I drove into my yard. My three-year-old Mercedes jolted twice before it stopped abruptly. Embarrassed, I glanced at my guest to read her expression. I [Read more… ]