July 3, 2020 Alabi Ayodele 0

Let the soul of man be hearkened To the oddity of the other realm Like a figurine shadow in the darkness It’s frightening a gazing sight from a gothic helm [Read more… ]

Pale Stamp

June 30, 2020 Alabi Ayodele 0

Oh, child of remorse and distress, Enough of the crocodile’s wails in the rain. The world doesn’t rub a grimaced face with caress, But smiles at your shadow in disdain. [Read more… ]


June 12, 2020 Alabi Ayodele 0

A world of capsules and bottles, Coursing inside the veins their its sufferers. Like a reduction of gas from a throttle, It assassinates the virtue of the batterer. I’m blameworthy [Read more… ]

Satire Soul

May 29, 2020 Alabi Ayodele 0

All lives matter when all that matters is one color, And the other becomes odor. The beginning of the end, The ends that begins with ‘you owe me your life’. [Read more… ]


May 9, 2020 Alabi Ayodele 0

‘You can choose your friends, not your family’ The swarm of bees makes honey for sweetness. Completeness, colony of ants builds a security balcony for ants. Acoustically, pandemonium of parrots [Read more… ]


May 6, 2020 Alabi Ayodele 0

Where are the gods? I mean not the clowns that fill their empty breadbaskets. But the deaf that hear the muted voice of a dying heartbeat, And the blind that [Read more… ]


May 4, 2020 Alabi Ayodele 0

Dear Dawn, Thou have come in your shinning armor, Brighter than the morning stars to the land of living. The dancing tune of the cockcrow. As children play hides and [Read more… ]

Last Thread

April 19, 2020 Alabi Ayodele 0

As cloud weeps over earthling, Gurgling tears in swirls. Your wail can’t resurrect me, For I flee above and let be. I burn my bridges; Started counting my breath digits. [Read more… ]