April 27, 2020 Anne Orizu 0

Let’s write for earth Let’s make a big haste Sun’s descending on us Vanity calling thus. The world will heal Amidst tribulations, we feel Shots, wounds, agony, let’s shield Our [Read more… ]

Up… On

April 25, 2020 Anne Orizu 0

I bloom at the rise of every sunrise Sunrise? A bane to my green I love the seas, oceans, the chilling waves a balm to my aching branch Tales of [Read more… ]

Mother Earth

April 13, 2020 Anne Orizu 0

All hail the Queen of the Coast Mother Earth, who wields the globe Dazzling in the beauty of ọnwa Her hair, an ominiscent coated mma Gracefully, abound her merriness Mermaid [Read more… ]



January 19, 2020 Anne Orizu 0

I remembered, telling you how I was betrayed Moira, you listened raptly, stroking my hair off the shackles of pain, bitterness, sympathy to live River from my fountain of salt, [Read more… ]

Mma m

Mma m

January 16, 2020 Anne Orizu 0

The beauty of onwa dwells in you A habitat of the universe in blue Lion King in awe A soul in spark of flames Uwa m di Mma The diva, [Read more… ]

Hide My Passion

Hide My Passion

December 14, 2019 Anne Orizu 0

When strength fades Voices lost in tears In a platter of grief -hide my passion- When places becomes void Deep in dark bottom ocean Hovering without home -hide my passion- [Read more… ]



November 26, 2019 Anne Orizu 0

Echidime… you were called by the great gods of Ani You became flesh made by man and the wife A life of Chukwu okike Nature moulded you, Rounding chest and [Read more… ]



October 13, 2019 Anne Orizu 0

They said they were going to be there for me Against all odds they were going to stick by me Promised me, A forever With a heart moulded in gold [Read more… ]



October 11, 2019 Anne Orizu 0

I apologize For carving a space With your heart on my face I apologize For including you In a place of doom (like you said) I apologize For without your [Read more… ]

Payback in Karma

September 16, 2019 Anne Orizu 0

Hate; Pride on the highest Road of the superior Tamer in disguise Hate; Humanity in abundance Christlike subtracted All round mare Hate; Abound not in Dreaded like death Entwine in [Read more… ]

My One

July 4, 2019 Anne Orizu 0

Will you be the one I whispered once, to her The river on her face Drowned my question I’ll never be enough, She murmured The former took half of me. [Read more… ]