The Call

June 26, 2020 AnikeBeloved 0

On entering the room, the smell of alcohol hits my nose. “Alcohol? No one dares take alcohol. Not in my room,” I mutter silently, making my mouth the silencer. No [Read more… ]


June 15, 2020 AnikeBeloved 0

On the eve when evil rolled up its sleeve: Had it been that the hunch lingered on or even turned back, hoisting the flag of alertness; maybe alas wouldn’t escape [Read more… ]

After Dusk

June 11, 2020 AnikeBeloved 0

This is dusk; a time when darkness crawls down, in the guise of a sneaking plague, knocking light off but pardoning the moon. I see silhouettes, Some crooked, some limp; [Read more… ]

Pan Africanism

June 1, 2020 AnikeBeloved 0

We roamed with shackles in places we can’t boldly call our home with cackles. For pieces worth less than thirty pieces of silver, we were scattered abroad like grains, picked [Read more… ]

Letter F

May 6, 2020 AnikeBeloved 0

All the letters of the English alphabet Used to be my favourite: I heard them from people who called me The leader of tomorrow with smiles alluring their voices… Until [Read more… ]


May 2, 2020 AnikeBeloved 0

I am a field: One on which Beautiful flowers grow For eyes to feed on. The species of flowers That grow on me Are rare— People who are aware Throng [Read more… ]


April 18, 2020 AnikeBeloved 0

Many shoulders today are padded for eyes to behold beauty instead of the storms that have made such shoulders ragged. A lot of faces brag as they drag their sullen [Read more… ]


April 15, 2020 AnikeBeloved 0

I can’t address you as dear—I just can’t dare. I act like a daredevil at times, but I will be the devil himself if I form alliance with you. You [Read more… ]

Trying Times

March 23, 2020 AnikeBeloved 0

I was shut out like a wall gecko, “Accept your fate, Give up your faith.” Their lips resonated frightening echoes. Handwriting of becoming weak Caressed my dark walls as I [Read more… ]