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“Ungolden Silence” — A Poem by Princess Sarah Akpu

She sat by the corner
Mourning her pain and shame
Physically, emotionally and mentally she’s been violated.
Her red eyes bore the evidence of violence inflicted by her assiliant.
Every night, it’s same old story,
Yet her lips are sealed.
She’s been warned never to speak up.
To bear her pain of silence .
How did it all go wrong?
She has come to serve but not for this purpose.
Has society decided to take its own pound of flesh on her innocence?
In this quivering boat, she’s alone.

The boss has left a warning,
Never let her outside.
She’s locked up in a dark room with only the bed she’s tortured in.
She’s become a prisoner in a place she once called home.
The boss’s wife has warned her never to speak.
She’s threatened with a painful death and unceremonious burial.
Her parents’ lips have been sealed with thousands of naira notes.
She’s become the sacrifical lamb for their better lives.
Her every night of pain and tears has been bought over by the rich and mighty.
Her struggles have been impounded.
Most nights she’s bound to the bed and violated.
Most nights, the belt lashes on her back quickens the horse’s pounding from behind her.
Most nights, the boss and his wife experiment their wild animal sex life on her.
They violate her in turns.
She’s sick to the belly yet she’s silent.
It’s an ungolden silence, praying to be let loose.

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