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“The Mat” — A Poem by Uzezi Ulueme

My back hit the mat
Sticky with blood of all my sisters
Stained with patches of blood and sweat
Boiling sweat trickled down my temple
And hit the mat like rain on earth
The mat where my mates struggled
Cried and wriggled.

Eyes closed, anticipation
It was painless at first
Sharp tingling sensation
The burning blunt blade
Searing, running through
Flesh, back and forth.

I heard my body’s shrill voice
As she let out a scream
Raised legs ran numb
Sense of touch, lost
Mouth agape, my breath echoed
I was helpless, yet
The angel of death held my hand.

An hour like six days
What was just a tickle,
stung, throbbed and pinched at once
The drums of pain beating fast and hard
The girl within was chopped off
As I stepped beyond pain’s threshold
Into the corridors of womanhood.

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